Thursday, September 17, 2009

What is in 2010?

Time flies! In another 3 months' time, we will have to say good-bye to year 2009 and welcome year 2010, the year of Tiger.

Before I go into year 2010 forecast, let's review my forecast for 2009. In that article, I mentioned that Earthly Branch, the earth chou 丑 underneath earth Ji 己 was soggy earth, it was like after a heavy downpour, earth chou would be wet and soft. And when such soggy earth contained too much water, it would not withstand anything heavy, thus it would sink. And if you remember the recent flood and landslide that took place in Taiwan, you would have agreed with my reasoning.

My greatest fear for 2009 was terminated illness that would rise. And I can still remember clearly, I was in Osaka, Japan, when the virus H1N1 outbreak took place there. And the virus was spreading like wild fire throughout the world. But luckily, the virus was well-contained before it could do more harm to us.

Apart from that, I also touched on metal industry and property industry would reach its peak during this period. At this point of writing, Gold price is still in the uptrend, and it has been in uptrend for the past 8 months or so. So if you have bought Gold for investment, I bet you must be laughing to the bank price right now.

In property sector, we have witnessed in our eyes that properties prices have reached its new height with some transactions even broke 2007 records!

Looking back, the first 8 months of 2009 were challenging. Looking forward, what is going to be like for 2010?

First of all, Year of tiger will commence on 4 Feb 2010 at 0642hrs, which is 10 days earlier than the first day of Lunar New Year, which falls on 14 Feb 2010. So take note, any babies that are born on 4 Feb 2010 after 0642hrs onwards will be considered as babies Tiger. And they are metal Tiger, which is known as Geng 庚 yin 寅, Heavenly Stem Metal sitting on Earthly Branches Wood.

A metal sitting on top of a wood, so what does that mean? If you were to let your imagination run wild, what would have you imagined? Metal (Axe) chopping wood? Well, if you have imagined as what I did. Well done! When metal (Axe) chopping wood, it shows that is a sign of possible conflict, control and challenges. If you were to link conflict, control and challenges together, what would have you imagined? Elections, power struggle or fighting? Well, we will know the answer when the time comes.

Using Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branches, we know next year is going to be a challenging year. So you can imagine our economy is going to face another great challenge. Looking at the annual flying star chart for next year, annual flying star 8 resides in central palace. Flying star 8 represents Cai Xing 财星 (wealth star) in this period. In this case, flying star 8 is located in central palace, it means wealth is locked! To unlock it, you can consider using fengshui method, please consult a Fengshui master for advise.

On health matters, pay special attention to stomach and bone related problems. Especially, young man, children and elderly women.

Next year, the San Sha Wei 三煞位 is located North, therefore is adviseable NOT to sit with your back facing NORTH. However, you can sit and face North.

Tai Sui 太岁is located in North-east, if you want to have a peaceful year in 2010, is better NOT to have any renovation works or activties in this (North-east) sector for the whole year. For those who are born in year of Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Pig, please take note that you could fall in one of the categories : Fang, Chong and Xing Tai Sui (犯,冲,刑太岁).

If a person have "weak" bazi, avoid night outings.

Using Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫薇斗数 for next year, it shows Tian Tong Hua Ji 天同化忌 which is a sign of stress. So it will be a stressful year for some of you out there.

*Fengshui tip for 2010 : place a brown / yellow rug or mat at North-west sector of your house.

* Tip is given based on assumption that sector does not have any mountain star or water star 2 or 5. Please consult a fengshui master if you have doubts.

Note : Above article is written based on yearly heavenly stem and earthly branch. A person's luck still depend very much on each own individual's bazi. If you want to know your future well-being, please consult a professional Ming Li Shi, master for advise.


Shanna said...

Hi! I've got a couple of questions for you and I hope you have the answers or can direct me to a source. :)

1. How do you know which category you fall into - Fang, Chong and Xing Tai Sui. I'm a snake.

2. And how do you know which zodiac will be in which category every year?

3. What do you mean that the year of the tiger starts 10 days earlier than the start of the new year? I thought the year of the tiger starts when the new year starts?

fengshui said...

Hi Shanna

Would you like to email me? I will explain that to you in the can find my email in my blog.

Leslie said...

Thank you for your post. I am a water tiger. Do I need to do anything special....?

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