Sunday, July 29, 2007

Site photos taken today

Went to JB today, took some site photos that have some fengshui issues which I think they are worth mentioning here.

A curved road, luckily this curve is not very sharp. If not, the house on the left side will have discounted fengshui. Avoid choosing a house that has a road that bend inwards towards the house.

When selecting a house, ideally you should get a house that has a road that surrounds it, In this instance, choose a house that is on the right side will be a better choice.

The qi on this plot of land seems to be inferior. Next to it, is a house. This plot of land may cause some fengshui problems to the house occupants.

A house that is next built next to a freeway. See the background, there is a stretch of wall that are made of wooden planks, these walls are used to divert noises generated from the freeway.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fengshui can affect relationship

This morning I was reading the Straits Times, there was this article that caught my attention, "Number of couples splitting up at new high". The report also provided the latest statistics showing that last year there was 23,706 newly-wed couples and the number of divorces and annulments also went up to 7,061. This resulting the ratio of 3:1, which means that there were 3 newly-wed couples and on the other hand, 1 couple just got divorced for year 2006.

So what would be the likely cause that contributed to such high divorce rate? Well, there are few possible factors which I can think of.

1) Both parties have mismatch bazi (Characters)

2) Married at wrong timing (Too young to start a family)

3) Destiny (Found a better partner)

4) Fengshui

There should be more factors than what I have listed here. But anyway, since I am in fengshui research, I will not talk about the reasons 1 to 3, I will share with you how fengshui can affect relationship.

If a house has inferior fengshui, it can have adverse impact on relationship. Normally, the fengshui effect become very obvious in houses that have irregular shape such as triangle, hexagon or even missing corners.

Displaying any sharp objects such as sword, knife or even antique guns are not advisable. Just imagine when a couple is having a dispute, suddenly the man lost control, he could have just grab any sharp object around him and hurt his wife? This could have happened even he did not intentionally want to hurt his wife, it was done in a fit of anger.

Living in a house that has an inferior fengshui would result couple to lose temper easily. Thus, this may lead to the path of divorce.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A mole, a scar, a pimple on the nose....(Face reading)

Yesterday, while I was shopping at AMK hub, I met a businessman there. I know him since 1997, he started from a small company. Currently, he is a director of few companies, very successful businessman at his age, he is just 41-year-old.

We had a small chat and I noticed that there was a dried "scar" on his nose, a pimple scar I supposed. Not a very big scar but it was prominence. Normally when a dark mole, a scar or a pimple appeared on the nose, is a sign of po cai 破财. Which means that a person will spend money within the next 2 weeks or will experience some form of wealth loss.

True enough, he had dispute with one of his business associates over some money matter a couple of days ago. It was not a just small sum of money that he has lost, he has also lost any future business dealing with his business associate. His business associate has made it clear that no more business for him anymore.

Maybe he could avoid such "losses" if he knew about face reading. If you know that a pimple appears on your nose will result monetary losses, what you can do is do some charities. Donate money to charity, you are doing good deeds and at the same time break the monetary losses spell..... it works!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

6 metal coins

'6 metal coins' is one of the commonly use fengshui ornaments. These coins are made of copper material which is believed that can dissolve any bad energy such as black 2 star and yellow 5 star in flying stars theory.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Candle lights

Candle when lit up in the right place can bring you good luck. Get a candle that can emit nice aroma.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Are you in the right trade?

When I was a young boy, I would always love to play "police and thief" game. When I was in secondary school, I told myself that I would become a policeman. I wanted to become a policeman so much that I almost quit my polytechnics studies to join police force. But luckily my good friend stopped me from joining the force, he asked me to continue my studies. Thanks goodness I heed his advice. That was sixteen years ago.

Ten years ago, before I started to learn fengshui, I met a fengshui master who told me that I would be involved in art-related work. I laughed when I heard that, I never liked art and craft lessons when I was in school, how would I end up doing art-related work? The master is right, now I am in fengshui, which is an art.

Looking back, if I did not heed my good friend's advice. Would I be still doing fengshui? Maybe not, most probably I would be patrolling in the street right now.

I believe you must have heard of successful people who are so successful in things they do. And maybe you have seen people who have put in so much effort in their works but they never succeed? You may want to know what is the reason behind it? Well, the answer is very simple, "Are you in right trade?".

If you know your bazi day master element, you would want to choose a right trade to enhance your day master. If a person who is in a trade that do not enhance his day master element, chances are he would not be able to succeed in anything which he did.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

破日 Broken (6 clash) - day

Was checking my PDA earlier and I realised that today, 18th July 2007 is 破日 (po ri) broken (6 clash) - day. It is believed that if you were to purchase an expensive product on this day, the product would never last long. Thanks goodness, I did not buy anything expensive today. "Superstitious?", you said.
Maybe you want to give a second thought after those questions? Have you ever wondered why your branded product which was supposed to be durable yet it kept giving you problems? Or the product you just bought was not functioning at all? Why not you check the purchase date again? You could have bought the product on a broken - day?
So how does this broken (6 clash) - day 破日 come about? Broken day is formed when the month pillar and day pillar's earthly branches clashed. Sounds too technical? The easy way is to refer to the Tong Sheng 通胜, check whether the day which you want to purchsae is a broken - day 破日 or not. Alternatively, if you know a fair bit of bazi 八字 or 4pillars 四柱, you can check whether the day pillar and month pillar form any 6 clash 六冲.
Maybe with this knowledge, you may want to feedback me your experience of buying products on a broken day?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not all Geomancers are trained...

A few weeks ago, I was reading our local chinese newspaper, there was a report about this man who is a geomancer-cum-ghost buster. That report reminded me of a friend who called me for help, my friend knew that I was in fengshui research, so he thought that I could help to "cleanse" his friend's house, which believed to house other things.

Out of curiosity, I asked my friend what made he think that I was a qualified ghost-buster? He replied," Isn't fengshui masters are capable of doing such things?". I smiled and replied, "Not every master is trained in that area." I am not trained too. "So is that how people feel that fengshui masters are capable of doing alot of things?", I asked myself. This brought me to another incident.
Back in 2004, I did a house fengshui. That unit did not have good fengshui reading, the compass reading was in the line of emptiness, which is considered inauspicious in fengshui aspect. Inside the house, while I was checking the compass reading inside one of the three rooms, I noticed my luopan's needle was swaying, that was a sign of strong magnetic force presence. I left the room immediately.
I did not raise any alarm to the occupants, but I was surprised when the house occupants asked me was there anything unusual in that particular room which my luopan's needle was swaying earlier. So it was confirmed, that room was indeed not "clean". Later, I was informed that the room occupant could sense "someone" was always in the room.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Photo of Milkrun

Here is one and only photo of the milkrun. Happy viewing.
The run or rather the walk was fun, took me 40mins to complete the 4km.

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005