Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Using Fengshui Ornaments

A few months back, a friend of mine told that she has just shifted to a new place near Bukit Timah, is a landed property. And she engaged one well known fengshui master to do her house fengshui.

After the fengshui service, a representative from the master's fengshui company recommended my friend to buy some fengshui ornaments from them. The fengshui ornaments which are believed to be able to bring her good luck and to solve fengshui problems. But my friend did not buy any of the products as they were not cheap, the total amount was like more than $10k!!

This is one classic example that masters who use fengshui ornaments to improve one's luck or fengshui.

There are other ways of solving fengshui problems or to improve one's luck or fengshui.

So far, most of my masters that I know of, do not use expensive fengshui ornaments to solve fengshui problems. In fact, you will be surprised that simple stuffs such as using correct wall colours, metal object or even salts can help to solve fengshui problems or to improve one's luck!

As for me, when come to solving fengshui problems, I am a mixture of both. I adopt most of my masters' methods:- using simple stuffs to solve fengshui problems and at the same time, I do recommend people to use inexpensive fengshui ornaments.

Here are some of the fengshui ornaments that I would use:

Wen Chang Ta (Pagoda) 文昌塔 - is used to improve one's studies luck.

6 emperor coins - is believed to dissolve bad fengshui energy such as 2 black star.

Pixiu 貔貅 - is used to appease tai-sui (grand duke) 太岁, or to bring good luck.

At least a pair of Qilin 麒麟 - is used to dissolve san-sha (three killings) 三煞. However, there are some masters who recommend to use 3 qilins instead of 1 pair.

Mandarin Ducks 鸳鸯 - is used to improve one's relationships with colleagues, friends or even spouse.

Apart from those ornaments that I have just mentioned, I still use some other fengshui ornaments. All depend on what kind of site condition and fengshui problems, having those factors in consideration, then I will decide which is the best "antidote".

Monday, May 28, 2007

Fengshui audits. Is fengshui purely superstition?

Last Saturday, I did 2 fengshui audits for 2 friends. One residential and one commerical, which is an office space cum show room.

My first fengshui audit which I did was a residential unit. My friend who just got this new resale flat which is located in the northern part of Singapore, is about less than 10min drive to causeway. It is a pretty young estate and the flat is just only 8-year-old. But my friend is already the 3rd owner of this flat. This is fast, I thought.

As usual, I would take my luopan (compass) to check for compass reading at the foot of the block first before I proceed to the unit. The reading I took at the foot of the block was fluctuating, that was a bit unusual but this could be due to several factors which I will not elaborate it here.

It was still fluctuating, when I measured the reading outside her unit and inside the house. The structure of this block must have designed in such a way that has many metal supports underneath, I guess.

With so many different sets of readings, it requires someone who is experienced to pinpoint which reading to use. There are various methods to counter check, whether the reading that is going to be used is correct or not. One of the methods, is to verify with the owner on the past events. But in this case, I could not do so as the 2nd owner of that flat has already moved out a few months back. Nevertheless, I used another method to pinpoint the correct reading to be used.

Normally, in my own view, when a house has too many readings, the fengshui of the house is discounted. I would not grade it as good fengshui. The reason is very simple, the fengshui of the house changes as much as the readings shown in the luopan (compass). So is this reason which also contributed to fact that this flat has so many owners within such a short span of time?

The second fengshui audit which I did, is located in one of the oldest industrial estates here in Singapore. This industrial estate is believed to have more than 20 years of history. Our CTE is just next to the industrial estate, and just a stone's throw away from the industrial estate is the golf driving range.

Is a nice quiet place on a late saturday afternoon, not many people around. Most of the workers in the building would have been already knock off from work. That building which I was about to do fengshui audit has a North-South facing orientiation. And the office space is located at the 5th level in the building.

I went up with my friend and her business partner. Both of them had just signed the lease agreement with the landlord the day before. And currently the office space is occupied by some chemical supplier business. The purpose of having me there is to advise them which is the best position for them to place their show room.

Standing outside the office main door, I looked out from there, I noted a building with a sharp roof located on my left side. Not far behind the building is a temple. And I looked at my hand-held PDA that was showing the Flying Star Chart (Fengshui Chart). After a few moments, I told my friend and her business partner this, not too good for bosses to be located in this office. Health would be an issue.

My friend then replied, the present business owner has passed away and his wife took over the business. The wife has depression after taking over the business, and that explains why she wanted to give up this office space.

Both my friend and her partner wanted me to solve this fengshui problem. I told them that was not difficult to solve that problem but however there is no 100% proof safe that health problem will not exist.

I could sense that my friend's partner was not happy after hearing my comments on the office fengshui. He asked," If a person who has good luck cycle, he shouldn't afraid of any inferior fengshui?" I disagreed with him, I quoted him an example, if a person who is believed to have good luck cycle, if he has to work under a moving crane that carries goods everyday. "Can you guarantee that nothing will drop off from the moving crane and hit the man working under the moving crane?", I asked him back.

Therefore, having a good fengshui is important. If the man who is believed to have good luck cycle and if he continues to work under a moving crane which has an inferior fengshui envirnoment, one of these days he may get himself injuried from any dropping objects.

The point that I want to stress is, fengshui is not superstition, fengshui is science that using logical and rational explaination.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What can Fengshui do for you.

"What can Fengshui do for me?", you asked.

Well, if you have heard of 1st Destiny, 2nd Luck, 3rd Fengshui, 4th Benevolent and 5th knowledge (一命, 二运, 三风水, 四积德, 五智慧) . Destiny and luck are pre-destined, we cannot change that fact, however we can use fengshui to improve our living environment.

Thus, using fengshui, we can achieve certain good results in things we do. There are people who have this impression that using fengshui can make one become very rich overnight. But they do not know that, not everyone is destined to become rich! Even a rich person can become poor if luck is not with him! So fengshui does not work at all? No, fengshui does work! If you know your destiny and luck, you can, at least, use fengshui to maintain your wealth, not to lose it.

Quote you another example, if a person who is always falls sick if could be due to poor house/office fengshui. Using fengshui can make the environment better however it will not make that person become well overnight. He still need to consult a doctor and have his medication before he could turn well again!

Therefore, to make Fengshui work, you have to make it happen too! In conclusion, Fengshui can do alot for you that is provided that you have to believe and help yourself too!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

4 Pillars & Fengshui

What is 4 Pillars? Are these 4 Pillars used to support house? You asked. The answer is No. In Fengshui, 4 pillars are referring to your bazi or known as eight character in English. These eight characters are made up of your Date of Birth and Birth time, to derive your bazi requires formula to calculate or master can refer to wan lien li (thousand years calendar) to find out the eight characters.

You may want to know how to get your bazi in the fastest way. You may want to consider to engage a master to calculate your bazi or alternatively, you can visit some of those website where you can obtain your bazi for FREE. However, please note that not all websites provide correct information on your bazi.

Normally in fengshui, to achieve the maximum fengshui result. Masters would request to see your bazi. And you will be amazed if the master tells you something about your bazi.

Other than that, 4 pillars can be used to improve your luck, travelling, promotion, conceive chance, health and even to better exam results. For example, a student who studied very hard but he still could not get the desired results. This could be solved by placing the study desk at an ideal location for studies.

In another instance, a healthy couple who have been trying for a baby but for no apparent reason, the wife still could not conceive. This problem may be solved by an experienced fengshui master.

Some experienced masters can even use your 4 pillars to do fortune telling. Or 4 pillars can be used to track your past such as love relationship, money, health and etc.

So next time when you want to get a fengshui audit done on your house, remember to give your bazi....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Fengshui - For your house interior Part 2

In my last article , I shared with you the effect of your Main door on fengshui. In this article, I am going to share with you how living room, bedroom, kitchen and toilet can affect house fengshui. First, we shall talk about living room.

Living Room consists of your sofa, TV, dining table and etc, all these furniture layout form an important part of living room fengshui. To achieve a good fengshui based on placement of furnitures still require advise from a master. However, here are few pointers that worth taking a look.

- TV or any electrical appliance should never place on a wall whereby the bedroom is next to it. As this electrical appliance will generate electromagnetic flux that will create headaches on those occupants who sleep next to the wall.
- Fish Tank or any water feature should not be located in North-East sector of your house or living room in this period 8 (Based on flying star method), from 2004 to 2024.
- Never keep an empty vase or empty fish tank filled with water without any flower or fishes in it. As this will bring unnecessary romance to the house.

In my view, bedroom is second most important place of your daily routine. As we sleep on average 8 hours a day in bedroom, therefore it is very important to have a good bedroom fengshui.

Here are the few things you should avoid in the bedroom.
- Never have a round light/lamp above your bed.
- Never place TV or mirror facing your bed as this will make you feel tired. Cover them with a cloth if you cannot relocate them.
- Never place clock above your bedhead or bed end.
- Never place fish tank in your room.

Is always advisable to keep your room clean and tidy as this will energise a good fengshui.

Stove should never located at Northwest sector of your house or kitchen. As Northwest representing Father or Heaven, by placing Stove in that sector is like burning your father or heaven, thus inauspicious. Consult a master before you locate your stove.

In olden days, toilet was never located inside the house. It was always located outside the house or some distant away. Toilet is been used for human to discharge unwanted waste, and these unpleasant smell from these discharge create poor fengshui. Therefore, ideally, toilet should be located as far as possible.

However in our present day of living is not possible to have a toilet to be located away from our house.Any dirty and wet toilet will bring germs and promote the growth of those bacterias. So is very important that to solve having the toilet inside the house is keep toilet dry and clean. A well ventilated toilet will be even better. In fengshui, there is another taboo which you may want to comply, that is never have red or black in toilet.

Last but not least, hope that these pointers will help you to aware that these minor things in life can so much impact on house fengshui.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fengshui - For your home interior (Part1- Main Door)

How does the interior of a house that can affect your house fengshui? Before we go into the interior of a house, we have to enter through the main door first...Therefore, I should start talking about the main door before I move on to other parts of house.

Main DoorIn fengshui, main door is always regards as "chi" entry. If a door faces a good direction, this facing will allow good "chi" entry thus will bring prosperity and harmony to the household and vice versa. That's why, Fengshui masters are very particular about the main door facing and degree.

Apart from good door facing and degree, there are few pointers which you may want to consider such as the conditions and cleanliness of the door and placing of furnitures next to the door or near to the door.

As main door form an important part of house fengshui, a dilapidated door suggests that the household is poor and suffering from some forms of health problems. While a clean and well maintained door shows household is enjoying pink of health! Next, we shall see how the placement of furniture next to door can impact us.

Most of us have shoe racks at home, and usually most people do not pay much attention to the position of shoe rack. This placement of shoe rack should not be neglected. By placing shoe rack at the "Green Dragon" position could have adverse impacts to your family health and harmony. Preferably, placement of shoe rack should be at White Tiger position as this will suppress the White Tiger. As suppressed White Tiger would therefore too weak to bring any harm to your family.

So where is the Green Dragon and White Tiger position and how to locate them? Is very simple, all you have to do is stand inside your house and look out of your main door, your left of your main door will be Green Dragon position, while the right of the main door will be White Tiger position. Remember this, friendly Green Dragon will bring wealth and harmony to your family while the hungry White Tiger is always waiting for chance to "attack or snatch" your wealth and create problems to your family.

Maybe you want to check your shoe rack position now? Waste no more time, start checking now.....And I should pen off on Fengshui For your home interior my part1 here.

In my next few fengshui articles on home interior, I will share with you on how living Room, Bedrooms, Kitchen and toilet can affect your house fengshui.

Last but not least, I hope you will keep coming back to look out for this space.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fengshui - Things to look out when buying a new house

This is my first time writing here, my friends and clients have encouraged me to write fengshui articles here so that I can reach a wider group of readers who are interested in fengshui.

Okie my first topic is: What are the fengshui things to look out when buying a new house. I am writing for the benefits of those people who are planning to buy a new house soon.

Normally, new house owners after purchased their new houses, they would look for a fengshui master to do fengshui audit in their new home hoping that the master could do adjustments to bring wealth and good health to the family. However, this may not necessary work! Why? The reason is very simple, if a house has inferior fengshui, chances that those fengshui adjustments will not be able to do much help.

Therefore, I strongly suggest that if you want to purchase a new house, get a fengshui master to tag along. As he will be the best person to advise you whether the new house is suitable for your family.

However if you feel that bring a master along is too early. You can consider using the 10 guidelines below to shortlist those houses that you want before you engage a master to do the complete fengshui audit for you.

10 General guidelines for choosing a new house

1. Main door should not face any lift
2. Main door should not face any shape corner (Pillar, building corner)
3. Main door should not face any staircases
4. Do not choose a house that has road that is directly leading to main entrance
5. Ideally, the exterior of the house should avoid seeing too much sharp objects such as pointed roof-top, roof-top, building corner, road sign, lamp, shape bended road towards the house and etc
6. Highest level in a building is not auspicious
7. Choose a house that has regular shapes, missing corners are not auspicious
8. Ideally, houses should be away from cinema, foodcourt, railway track, canal and bus stop
9. Check the history of the house such as the previous owners or what have been used in that land before the house was built
10. Choose an auspicious date to buy the house

The above guidelines are just basic fengshui pointers only, this does not necessarily imply that without any violation of the above pointers make your house a good fengshui . To know a house has good fengshui still require an experienced fengshui master to do the necessary fengshui audit.

Last but not least, happy choosing a new house!

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005