Saturday, October 27, 2007

Water Feature

This morning, I received a sms from a friend, he requested me to go to his office to see his new water feature, he just started another new business venture; selling water features. His office unit was fengshui and selected by me after we went through a few places to hunt for a right unit early this year. As I do not have any appointment this morning, I replied him okay.

20 minutes later, my friend was ready to pick me up. I quickly grab my compass and my PDA to meet him. While we were on the way to his office, I asked him how was his engineering business for this year. He told me that this year was rather a lucky year for him, I was glad to hear that. Before he shifted to this present unit, business was rather slow. I ever visited his old office a couple of times, the fengshui in the old office was rather inferior.

His new office is pretty near to my place, is about 5min drive to his office. When we reached his office and the moment I stepped into his office, I was welcomed by the sounds of gushing water, it was rather a pleasant sound. I always enjoy the sound of water, and I always wanted to get one water feature for my house to replace my existing old fish tank.

His water feature is rather big, is like a small pond with two artificial walls on 2 sides of the pond. One side of the walls has water outlet that allow water to gush out and flow into the pond of water. Right in the centre of pond is a standing bowl, water is pumped up to this bowl, making the water in the bowl to ripple. Is very nice water feature, which look like real stones even though the water feature is made of fibreglass material. The price of this water feature is so much cheaper than those water features that are made of real stones.

Well , if you are interested to get one water feature. Maybe you can contact me, I may able to get some discounts for you. Here are some of the photos which I took this morning for you to view.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

HaPPy BiRthDaY!

This week, I have total of 5 friends celebrating their birthdays. Here, I would like to wish Niko, Angeline, Huiling, Jacelyn and Fiana a very Happy Birthday. May all your wishes come true!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What is in store for year 2008?

Next year 2008, the first day of lunar new year falls on 7th Feb. However, do take note that the year of Rat is in fact will start earlier than 7th Feb, the actual date of Li Chun 立春 falls on 4th Feb. Therefore, babies that are born on this date 4th Feb after 1903hrs are "technically" classified as baby Rat, a earth rat , Wu Zi 戊子 to be precise.

Wu Zi 戊子, heavenly stem earth sitting on earthly branches water, looks like next year is going to be another challenging year. Water may not be able to withstand the weight of earth sitting on top, and is a sign of movements. Just to name a few; Flood, landslides are possible potential problems.

Great Duke or also known as Tai sui 太岁, will reside at north sector. Therefore, is believe that facing North will not be so auspicious. On top of that, next year san sha wei 三煞位 is at south sector. If your back is facing south, chances of being back-stabbed will be much higher. So is better to sit facing South, while your back is facing North.

In 2008, people who fang, chong and xing tai sui 防,冲,行太岁 are born in the following zodical animals: Rat, Rabbit, Horse and Rooster.

Using annual flying star method for next year 2008 predictation, flying star 1 falls on the central palace. While bad energy stars 2 and 5 fall on North-west sector and South sector respectively. As such, do pay special attention on the following health issues : headaches, lung-related matters, womb, bladder, eye, blood and heart, especially old men and middle age ladies have to take extra cautious on health matters. And if such health matters arise, if would be on the following lunar months: 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th.

Also do avoid having ground-breaking 动土 at south sector. If your new house sits on South and facing North, according to some books recorded, is adviseable not to have any renovation done. However, if you really need to have renovation done on your new place. You may want to consult a master to advise you which are the auspicious dates for you to start renovation.

So much on things to watch out for, let's talk about something good. If you want to have more good news or cai yun 财运, you may want to try the east sector of your house or office. The good energy is at East sector next year!

For students who want to excel in their studies in year 2008, they can place their study desks at North-east sector of their room. Alternatively, they can place a pagoda wen chang ta 文昌塔 at the North-east sector of their study desks.

To enhance romance luck, try north-east sector too! Place a pair of mandarin ducks or a pot of flesh flowers in that sector.

Next year, lady luck will side young men or middle age men, therefore do not be surprised if you hear that your company have decided to promote all men only.

Using Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫薇斗数 as a general guideline, next year Wu Zi nian 戊子年. Star Tian Ji xing hua ji 天机星化忌. For those people who have Tian Ji Xing in the wealth palace, is strongly advise not to do any form of investment. If your Tian Ji Xing falls on travel palace, chances are you will have more travelling to do. And if Tian Ji Xing is in karma palace Fu De Gong 富德宫,you can be indecisive in things you do.

Okie...that's all for year 2008.

Note: Above information is based on liu nian tian gan di zhi 流年天干地支, annual flying stars 流年飞星 and basic Zi Wei Dou Shu。It does not based on individual's bazi, if you want to know your fortune for year 2008, you still need to consult a qualified master with your bazi.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Flying Stars 2,7 and 7,9 combination

I started fengshui using Black Hat sect method, it was later that I got to know flying stars theory from a local master.

Flying stars method is so much dynamic than the earlier method which I knew. Flying stars are using numbers from 1 to 9, these numbers when combined together can end up having different results. For example, when number 2, 7 or 7,9 are together, the representation can be fire. Therefore, if any sector of a house or office that have such numbers combination, ideally strong colours such as red, pink or purple should be avoided in those sectors.

I remember a couple of years back, I did a fengshui audit for a family, the flying stars chart showed that their kitchen area had such numbers combination. So I told the occupants to avoid having red in that area. The occupants were puzzled why red should be avoided in that area. So I explained to them that if having red colour in that sector, chances of catching a fire would be much higher. After my explaination, they told me that their kitchen ever caught a small fire before.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another QMDJ Chart

当日干支:丁亥 庚戌 壬午 乙巳 日旬空:申酉(日) 寅卯(时)阴遁五局 

值符天蓬落六宫 值使休门落九宫

│  白虎  │  六合  │  太阴  │
│  开门 癸│戊 休门 辛│  生门 丙│
│  天英 己│禽 天芮 癸│  天柱 辛├──────┼──────┼──────┤
│  玄武  │      │  螣蛇  │
│  惊门 己│      │  伤门 乙│
│  天辅 庚│     戊│  天心 丙├──────┼──────┼──────┤
│  九地  │  九天  │  值符  │
│  死门 庚│  景门 丁│  杜门 壬│
│  天冲 丁│  天任 壬│  天蓬 乙└──────┴──────┴──────┘

This Qi Men Dun Jia chart was formed around ten plus this morning. Before the caller could ask me other further questions, this person must be hurted somewhere. And I was right when I got to know the answer.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Four blocks of flats painted with bright colours.
Interesting to note that the colours are in such flow; yellow --> blue --> green --> red. Is a pity that there is no white or silver block between the yellow and blue block, if not the fengshui will be even better.

In metaphysics, wu xing 五行, 5 elements ( Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire) can be represented by colours;

Yellow, brown - Earth element
White, silver, grey - Metal element
Blue, black - Water element
Green - Wood element
Red, purple, pink - Fire element

There are masters who used colours to harmonise fengshui -wu xing, by making an element to produce another element.

--Earth --> produces Metal --> produces Water --> produces Wood --> produces Fire --

-------------------------<< -------------<<--------------<<---------------------------

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Things that you may want to avoid

One of the most common fengshui problems, the block (background) is located in between the two blocks (foreground).
Tian zhan Sha 天斩煞, looks like a chop from the sky.
Unit that can see gap in between two blocks. Usually fengshui is discounted.
Another common fengshui problem, unit that is too close to street lamp.
Looking at another angle.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yilin Fengshui

Last Saturday, 29 Sep 2007, Malaysia Newspaper (Photo) Master Yang on the right
Singapore representatives' name appeared in the newspaper. Click photo to enlarge it.

Last Saturday, together with my master, shi xiong 师兄 and shi mei 师妹, we witnessed the opening of Yilin Fengshui & Astrology Centre in Johor. This centre provides fengshui consultation services in Malaysia, apart from that the centre also conducts fengshui classes in the evening.

It just happened to be....

Sometimes in life, there are things which cannot be explained. It just happened to be this way, maybe is fated.

Just realised that I got to know 3 different persons that share the same middle and last name (dialect name)! To think that their names are so uncommon, and to know 3 persons having the same name within a year period! Can you believe that?

And the most interesting thing is, the first person and the third person shared the same surname Tan!!!

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005