Wednesday, March 7, 2012


If someone asks you, "What is the thing that is associated with Fengshui master"? What will be the first thing that comes to your mind?

If your answer is his tool - Luopan. I guess you are right.  So what is Luopan? And what does it do? For those who are curious about Luopan, you may want to read on.

Luopan is actually a compass except that it contains more information other than the general directions. The additional information are important to Fengshui masters, as these information can help them to derive answers. Why is this so? For example, Masters that use flying stars method will need the precise information obtained from Luopan to help them to plot the flying star charts. Only with precise information, the analysis on the fengshui will be correct.

But nevertheless, not all masters use flying star method to conduct fengshui audits. There are other masters that use other methods, such as San He, Xuan Kong Da Guan, Ba Zha just to name a few, to do fengshui audits as well. And because of the different methods used to conduct fengshui audit, therefore Luopan also varies!

So the next time you see a Luopan, you know that is a compass!

Qi Men Dun Jia - What should I do?

This morning, I looked at Qi Men Dun Jia chart trying to find an answer. Can you tell what did I do from this chart?


A couple of days ago, I heard from the news that floodings in NSW was bad. Was trying to search for that piece of news but ended up finding this website where it contains photos on floods. Not sure whether these photos are related to that particular news that I heard. Anyway, click here to view those photos.

Hope that the flood water have relieved now.

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005