Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Auspicious Date and Time

Tomorrow, 30 Jan 2008, time 9.18am is an auspicious date and time to place Chinese New Year items.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Boost your romance luck

Just a couple of hours ago, I attended one wedding dinner in one of our prestigious hotels. There were total 3 different couples held their wedding banquets there. Didn't know that today is such a popular date! I was thinking whether is it because of Lunar New Year is around the corner, that's why couples are rushing to get wedded?

Anyway, the dinner was good, I quite like the ballroom setup and decorations. Towards the end of the wedding session, while I was waiting for my turn to walk up to congrat the newly wedded couple.

My friend, E, who was in front of me, hugged the bridegroom while he was about to leave. His act reminded me of a famous master whom had a presentation a couple of years back. He said that singles or people who wished to tie the knot, could "ride" on newly wedded luck to improve their chances of romance luck! One of the methods which he said was to use your personal items such as watches or rings, place in a red cloth / paper. Then asked the bridegroom / bride to keep the item for you for a day or so. After that, take back the item from the bridegroom /bride, wear the item immediately. It is believed that this can help you to boost your romance luck.

So my friend, E, who is currently attached, I wonder will he be the next person to wed soon? Since he hugged the bridegroom...Time will tell.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mole removal

This evening, I went to Chinatown and I happened to passby one stall which was providing mole removal service. Moles would be examined by the master first, before he advised whether to remove the moles or not.

The stall was crowded with people.

The master was removing the mole. Moles located on shoulder blade are believed to be "burden".

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Auspicious Date to Start Work (For CNY)

Lately, I have been receiving alot of sms, friends have been asking me which date is auspicious for them to start work for CNY.

I looked into the Tong Sheng, looking for an early date to start work. As I understand most of my friends are employed, it will be not easy for them to apply for long leave during CNY. So from the tong sheng, I chose one auspicious date which is 12 Jan 2008 Tuesday for them to start work. 12 Jan 2008 is an auspicious date to start work.

However, please take note not everybody is suitable to start work on this date. For those who are born in year of Rat is strongly advised NOT to choose this date to start work. If you really cannot apply for longer leave, you may want to consider to start work one day later after 12 Jan 2008?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Year Approaching

This afternoon, someone was so excited that New Year, or rather Year of Rat, was approaching. She claimed that Year of Rat would be a lucky year for her, based on one article that she read from somewhere else. She was looking forward to this new year, as she believed that she would have some form of money luck very soon!

Then she continued to say that only certain zodical animals woud be lucky. I did not continue to hear the rest of things she said. In my heart, I was thinking whether that article that she read, mentioned other "unlucky" zodical animals would face a year of obstacles or not? Wondering, how would those people who belong to those "unlucky" zodical animals feel now? Fear? Or stress?

According to my first master, he emphasized that to determine a person's luck should rely on a person's bazi. Using those yearly prediction guide for those zodical animals would be too general. So if are one of those "unlucky" zodical animals which some articles claimed that would be a year of obstacles. NO worries, your bazi may see you through this so called unlucky year.

If you are still worried, please consult a professional ming li shi (Master) to get your yearly prediction done.

Good luck!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Unblocked View

Nowadays, is so difficult to find a house that have unblocked view. But yesterday, I visited one unit that has such view. It was a beautiful view. Here are some photos for you to see...

Photo taken from inside the unit
Opposite this unit is Ubi
A bright Ming Tang in front of a house facing, is auspicious.

Beautiful view, isn't it?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wealth Position - Cai Wei 财位

When I do fengshui audits, one of the common questions that people would ask me is to locate their wealth position - cai wei.

After looking at the flying star chart, I would advise them accordingly. But there were some occasions, some of my clients would feedback to me that their previous masters had advised them a different wealth position - cai wei. I could sense that they were perplex by the different wealth position - cai wei, I would explain to them that there are many different fengshui school. Therefore their previous masters could have advised them, using a different method.

I have noticed that the most commonly used method to locate wealth position - cai wei, is by locating the corner diagonally from the main door. So next time, when you engage a master and if he advises you that your wealth position is at the corner diagonally from your main door. You will know that he is using the common method to locate your wealth position.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fried Fritters (Dough-stick) 油条 in newspaper

A couple of weeks ago, I posted one article on Fried Fritter . This morning I saw an article on the same fried fritter in our newspaper. See below.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A nice day

It seems like today is a nice day for me, it all started from the morning. First, I was greeted by a cheerful young receptionist at my client's place, her sweet smile and greeting really caught my attention. It was my first time to see her in the reception, I have never seen her before even though I have been to that place a couple of times. My heart almost melted by her... haha

I guess it must be the cheerful receptionist that started my day with a "sweet" note, because people whom I met in the later part of the day were nice too. I met a helpful sales assistant who took the trouble to explain to me, how to configure their system and how to determine the price-tag. But I still left the place empty-handed as I have yet to decide which colour I want.

When I went to the bank, I met 2 young tellers, looking at the way they worked, I could sense that they were new to the job. But the service provided by them was impressive! One of the tellers even gave me some inspirations that made me felt happy for a moment. Maybe next time when I go back to that branch again, I will say thank you to her.

How I wish that everyday can be as nice as what I had today. :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


To those who have left comments in my older postings,

I just got to know that some of you have left comments for me. Please accept my apology for not replying to you, normally I do not go back to my old postings to check for any comments.

But should you have any questions for me, please feel free to email me or leave a message in the C-Box. I will reply to you asap.

Monday, January 7, 2008

金神 Golden God - Direct translation

金神 golden god is a term given to bazi that has a certain combination and in additional to that, the bazi is born in summer month.

Bazi has 金神 golden god is considered auspicious, especially when luck cycle is in summer period or the person possess 金神 golden god does anything with fire-related element work will be good.

So far, those bazi that I have seen that possess 金神 golden god are usually high flier! I know 2 friends who have this 金神 golden god in their bazi, one of them who works in electrical industry is doing very well. Another friend who works as an Auditor, is currently in her summer luck cycle, is also doing very well too.

The only shortcoming of having 金神 golden god for such people, is that they tend to offend alot of people, which is true for my 2 friends.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A friend is planning to get married

Just a couple of hours ago, my friend, W, sent me a sms to inform me that another friend, T, is planning to get married by end of this year or in beginning of next year 2009.

I had mixed feelings when I received that sms, I have seen T's bazi before. In fact, somewhere around Aug last year, I did a prediction for T. I predicted that T would either get married in year of pig (between 2007 to 3 Feb 2008). Or in the year of Ox (4 Feb 2009 onwards). Therefore, for my friend, T, to get married in the year of Rat was not in the picture! So was it my bazi analysis went wrong or I had the wrong birth date?

Anyway, time will tell whether I am right or wrong? I will be very surprise that if she really marry in the year of Rat, if that really happen, I guess I may really need to do some soul-searching. I still believe that she will only get married in the year of OX.

Prediction aside, I would like to take this opportunity to wish her all the best in whatever things she do. Best wishes from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Using Fengshui to improve luck

A couple of years back, a friend of mine had problems in his work so he seeked for my advise. He wanted to know what could be done to improve his luck, so I suggested that he could use fengshui ornament** to improve his luck.

True enough, his luck really improved after he got the fengshui ornament. He got a pay increament about a month later. For your information, it was not a small amount of pay increament.

Things became better for him, after some time, he was even offered to become a parter in his last company. The last update from him was that he had left his last company to set up his own business. Business is good and he is much happier than what he was.


** Fengshui ornaments, please note that you need NOT have to spend alot of money on EXPENSIVE fengshui ornaments to improve your luck. So long you get the CORRECT and Inexpensive fengshui ornaments, luck can be improved.

To improve a person's luck still need these 3 factors, 天时,地里,人合。

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! 新年快乐!

Is 2008 now, time really flies. I still can remember the last day of 2006 clearly, it was just like yesterday only. Wow, now is already year 2008! So have you achieved what you wanted for year 2007? If you have, congratulations! If you are still working on it, work hard!

Last but not least, I wish everyone a Happy New Year! Hope that everyone will have a prosperous new year. Huat ah!


Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005