Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is all about food

Met some new friends at the Summit or also known as Orbit, which is located right in the centre of Sydney. If you sit there long enough, you would have noticed that the view outside the window moved! Yes, it moved! Not due to earthquake, anyway Australia does not have earthquake. The reason for it to move is because that is a revolving restaurant.
After the drinking session, my friends and I went to the Rocks for pan cakes. The outlet which we went to operates 24hrs, to think that we reached there about past midnight yet there was a short queue outside the restaurant. We waited about 5 minutes before we could get ourselves a table inside the restaurant.They serve different types of pancakes, we had chocolate pancakes. It was good.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hot Pie

Nothing comes better than having a Hot Pie in such a cold winter. Went to the famous Harry's Cafe De Wheels for Chicken Pie and Curry Tiger.

Have you been here? Simply love the hot pies!

Enjoying my hot pies!

A closer look on the pies. Foreground is the Curry Tiger which is the curry beef with whipped pototes, gravy and mashed peas. The centre is the Hot Dog, background is the Chicken Pie with whipped pototes and gravy.

Do they make you feel hungry?
Is makan time, sorry guys!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Flags everywhere

Flags everywhere, this is what you get to see here in Sydney. Everywhere I go, sure bound to see flags.

Rows of flags.

Flags in front of a condo building. Is it good to have flags in front of your house?

Ice Cream in Winter, anyone?

Have you tried eating ice cream in winter time? I always did that when I stayed in Brisbane in 2000. Now got chance to eat ice cream in winter time again. Is cool to have ice cream in cold temperature, the feeling is hard to describe. Try to believe it.
My favourite ice cream in Australia, you can try cold rock in Singapore too.
Cold rock ice cream is very soft and is very unique cos you can have add-on such as Tim Tam in the ice cream.


Krispy Kreme, my favourite donuts. Finally I could try eat fresh donuts from Krispy Kreme outlets. The last time I had my krispy kreme donuts were from a friend who brought it back from Australia.
Krispy Kreme drive thru outlet in down under.

Krispy Kreme in Chatswood, Australia.

My days in down under

A major event in Sydney City, World Youth Day, from 15 Jul to 20 Jul. I was lucky to witness such a major event. Never seen such a big crowd in another country. Want to get a WYD souvenir?
This photo was taken outside a church, a friend of mine was collecting the World Youth Day pass inside the church. It was not easy to organise such a major event, the organiser must have put in alot of efforts to make it so successful. Well done!

Look at the crowd in the city! Students from over all the worlds, they were singing and walking to the race course which was about 4.5 km away from the city
Cannot believe in my own eyes, really alot of people.
This photo was taken after the World Youth Day event, this group of students were still staying in the city. They were singing and dancing, really added some colours to the lively Sydney City.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coming soon....

Very sorry for missing in action. No worries, I will be back soon with alot of photos and stories. Just stay tuned!

See you.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hidden Treasure underneath the platform

Have you seen platform that can be used as a storage space? I have seen it on TV some time back but did not get the chance to see the real thing till this morning. I went to a friend's house and I had the chance to see the "wonder" of such platform.

Think is a pretty cool idea, especially now where new houses are smaller in size. Using such platform can help to save space. Thus, room will not be so cluttered. But to have this platform requires you to fork out a large of money, for a room like the photo shown below will cost you about $6k!

Here are some photos to show

The centre portion of the platform can be transformed into a table. Not only one table but 3 tables! Can have gathering in this room. Really cool.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alexandra Arch and Henderson Wave (Night)

Yesterday night, I went to Alexandra Arch and Henderson Wave with 2 friends who are here for holidays. Show them the latest attraction here in Singapore. I was surprised to see couples were walking the trail at that hour. Brave!

My model of the year. Doing star-jump at Alexandra Arch.

See there are different colours !

I have seen so many bridges before, Alexandra Arch is considered one of unique type. With different lightings.

Didn't expect myself to be greeted by wood smell at Henderson Wave. Anyway the woods smell nice.

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005