Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Property Agent

A friend of mine knew that I am into Fengshui, she asked me, "Why not you become a Property Agent?" Well, in my heart I knew that with my fengshui knowledge, I would definitely able to provide an added service to my prospect buyers.

But there again, I can be very choosy when come to choosing a house. Ask my clients who had engaged my house selection service before. The process of choosing the right house can be time-consuming, but for the sake of getting a good fengshui, the search was worthwhile! And the most encouraging thing was to hear from my clients that their new home brought them good luck!

So back to the question of becoming a Property Agent. Well, if the new property has good fengshui, maybe I can consider that.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hungry Ghost month avoid buying property?

You may have heard from the older generation, they said that buying property during Hungry Ghost month (Lunar Seventh Month) was a taboo. Their explaination would be : buying a property during that period would invite the "good brothers" into the new house. Thus, problems may arise. So is this true?

Well, if you were to look at past property transactions volume, most probably you would notice that transactions during Lunar Seventh month tend to be fewer. However, of late (recent years), this trend has changed.

People are buying properties in Lunar Seventh month, the change of trend could be due to buyers are young generation, who do not believe in such belief. Or is it high rising property price have made people to forgo such belief and those who did not jump on the boat fast enough to capture the low price are to regret later? Well, maybe you want to share your view on this?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Choosing an auspicious date to launch new property project

Yes, marketing company do choose an auspicious date to launch new property project. Maybe Chinese always believe that good thing must commence with a good beginning. Or maybe Marketers believe that by choosing an auspicious date to launch their new project, it will bring them good sale? Well, whatever the reason is, having an auspicious date to launch new project is good! After all, if I am the buyer, I would feel good too! Is a win-win situation, I suppose.

So next time, when you see there is a new project launch, just pay attention to the date. Most likely, the chosen date would be an auspicious date.

To add some fun to this article, I have listed down a few auspicious dates in the month of July. Maybe for learning propose, you may want to keep a lookout on new project launch and the date.

1. 3 July 2010
2. 16 July 2010
3. 24 July 2010

Have fun!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An unusual guest

This posting has nothing to do with fengshui and before I continue. Let me pre-warned you, what you are going to read next is something got to do with the unnatural phenomenon. Therefore, if you think that you have a weak heart or you are someone who is dreadful of unnatural phenomenon, my advise to you is to give this blog a miss. However, if you choose to continue to read. You are reading at your own risk! Please note that I will NOT be liable for anything that may happen or arise!

Like what I always believe in, thing happened for a reason.

Okay, let me begin......This afternoon my friend msn-ed me, he was sharing with me that his wife's Uncle passed away after a long struggle, this uncle was suffering from a terminal illness. And before he passed away, he "created" miracles despite that he was very sick.

"So what miracles did he create?", you ask. Well, he survived for the last 3 years! Initially, Doctors did not pin too high hope for that kind of terminal illness, they thought that he would not have lived that long but he had proven them otherwise. His strong will to live had made him through for the last 3 years. To cut the story short, during the last 3 years, he had fulfilled so many wishes.

Now, back to the conversation which I had with my friend in the msn chat box. My friend was sharing with me that prior to the news of that uncle passed away, my friend was in his living room and he saw an unwelcome "guest" on top of TV console, it was a praying mantis. He said that the sighting of praying mantis did not make him feel good. In fact, he had an uneasy feeling.

Despite that unwelcome "guest" on top of TV console, my friend caught it and set it free. After that, it did not take him very long to hear the sad news....

Talking about insects, I am going to relate another similar incident which had happened to me. It was 9 years ago, and I was living in Australia back then.

I remember that incident happened sometime near winter period, it was still cold. One afternoon, while I was in my room, I looked out out of my window and I saw an unwelcome guest sticking outside my window panel. It was a HUGE grasshopper! Gosh...I have never seen such a huge grasshopper in my entire life before, it was unusual big, about 4 inches long!

Anyway, I did not pay much attention to that grasshopper as my windows were closed, there was no way that it could make it through my room. I thought it would go away to search for food some time later. So the day passed quickly without me realising that it was already night fall, and before I knew the next thing, it was already morning!

What surprised me was the grasshopper, it was still there sticking onto my window panel. To think that it had survived the cold night out there and the most amazing thing was, it did not even move from it's original position when I first saw it. Strange I thought. And that grasshopper continue to stay put on that position during the second night.

The next morning, the grasshopper was no longer there. I felt good for a while, finally that grasshopper had left! But that good feeling was short-lived. What shocked me was the grasshopper was laying lifeless outside my kitchen balcony. I was speechless for a moment.

Soon, this unusual phenomenon made me felt uneasy. I started to worry for my elderly grandmother whom was back in Singapore. But I did not call back home to check, as I did not want to alarm my family on my unusual encounter. What I could do was to ICQ with my cousin to check everything was alright. Phew, I felt a great relief when my cousin told me that grandmother was good.

Well, for the rest of my stay there, there was no bad news from my family or relatives. When I finally made it home (Singapore) after my graduation. At one of my usual Sundays gathering with relatives, one of my cousins asked me a weird question, "Didn't you realise that someone is not with us?" I was puzzled for a split second and I could not name anyone in particular. What happened next was a shocking news to me, an Uncle passed away during my absence.

And guess what? The time he passed away is believed to be the same time when I saw the grasshopper sticking on my window panel in Australia. Maybe that was him trying to bid farewell to me.

Opening of 2nd IR (Sands) - Official Opening

Today 3.18pm marks the official opening of Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

Based on that timing, my guess why Shen Shi 申时 (Time between 3pm to 4.59pm) was chosen is because Shen Shi 申时 and today Earthly branches Chen 辰 form Ban San He 半三合 (Partial Three Combination).

Usually, masters would prefer to pick up such combination for big or important event such as opening or wedding. As important event should go well with good combination of day and time pillar earthly branches. Of course, if possible month pillar earthly branches as well.

So if you are still wondering whether today is an auspicious day, well the answer is Yes.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Japanese way of divorcing

Saw this interesting article from asia1 that Japanese couples would go to the extend to hold a ceremony to mark their divorce. Couple who intended to divorce would invite friends and relatives to their divorcing ceremony to witness this "special" event - they would hold a gavel together to smash their wedding band.

The smashed wedding band will mark their official divorce, interesting isn't it? Guess such thing would only happen in Japan.....Or will it become a business idea here in Singapore? Well, I doubt so... cos Singaporean would prefer to keep quiet on such matters. Anyway, if you want to read more on this interesting article, please click here.

Charity Run

For those who are interested in Charity run, there is one upcoming event which is known as Streetwise Run 2010 to be held on 4 Jul 2010, Sunday.

There are 2 types of run, competitive and non-competitive (aka Community run), the distance for competitive is 8.4km while non-competitive is 4km. So come and join this fun and meaningful event!

For more information on this charity run, you can click here.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Heavy downpour

First time in history that our Orchard road was turned into a "river" after this morning heavy downpour. The rain which lasted for a couple of hours changed the whole stretch of Orchard road into an unusual sighting. Along the stretch of Orchard road, the water level has reached new height which never happened here before. Vehicles were trapped in the water and underground carparks were also not spared from flooding.

For more photos on the unusual sighting, please click here.

Going higher and higher....

Is going higher and higher......This morning I flipped open the ST classified - property section, there was one particular advertisement caught my attention. The advertisement stated that 3 room HDB flat, in one of the mature estate areas, is valued at S$335k. On top of that valuation, the seller is also asking for COV (Cash over valuation) of $50k, which means in other words, the unit is selling at S$385k!!!

My first reaction to that advertisement was shocked! I remember that 9 months back, when I saw a similiar advertisement, a 3 room HDB in the same estate (in fact same block as in this morning advertisment) was asking for S$333K including COV.

The reason why I could remember that advertisement so clearly is because a friend of mine used to live in that block. My friend sold their unit at approximate S$170k and that was ten years ago. Look at the asking price today, the price have gone up more than twice the amount.

Looking at present situation now, it seems like the high prices have not deter would-be house buyers. So question is, will the buying power continue to stay? Well, time will tell......

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Office alone

You may have watched the movie, "Home alone" but have you ever in the office alone? Just yesterday, a friend called me to relate her recent experience in the office alone. Here the story goes:

It was a hot Saturday afternoon, my friend received some urgent request from her colleague, which required her to go back to her office to settle. Of course, she was reluctant to go back to office, after all it was a Saturday! Who will want to go back to office on a hot Saturday afternoon? And to make thing worse, her office is so far away from her home!

As she was the in charge of those work-related issue. So she had not much of choices but to drag herself back to the office. There she was, alone in the office, busy clearing as many things as possible. As she knew that any delay in her part would end up leaving the office late!

Without much distraction, she was able to complete alot of things within a short period of time. Which she would not be able to achieve that kind of result during normal working hours, as she always tend to attract alot of male colleagues to her desk, these guys are trying very hard to date her out. Oh yes, my friend is quite a beauty!

Okay, back to my friend who was in office. While she was about to complete her last "task", there was a sudden loud bang behind her. The loud bang was from the noticeboard, which was standing on the floor leaning against on a metal cabinet, the noticeboard was diagonally across from her desk. When she turned her head to see what happened, she had a shock of her life! As according to her, the noticeboard was vibrating violently for no apparent reason! Or was there someone who might have accidentally knocked against the noticeboard? Well, I have to remind you again, she was in the office alone!

Guess you would probably knew what she would do next. Ya...quickly head straight to the Exit!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Will I get the new maid?

Just a moment ago, my friend asked whether he would be able to get his new maid this time? Looking at the Qi Men Dun Jia Chart, looks like this time he will have a good chance to hire one.

Based on the chart, the maid is going to be a young lady, can be talkative and tend to make mistakes.

Well, will wait for my friend to update the outcome. Good luck my friend!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

An unusual strong wind

This afternoon at 1.55pm witnessed an unusual strong wind. And I have to say that never been in my life to feel such gutsy wind here in Singapore. While the wind was blowing, I could see a mini sand-storm as well from nearby construction sites. The strong wind lifted everything up. Maybe this is the best time to listen to enjoy this music - Smoke gets into your eyes. Source : Youtube

An unusual experience

For those who have weak hearts or if you are using passenger lifts (elevator) frequently late at nights, you may want to give this posting a miss. However, if you choose to continue to read, please note that you are reading it at your own risks! I will not be held responsible for anything that may arise after reading this posting.

I have been pondering for quite a while before I decided to pen it down here. For that I have not really shared with others (strangers in particulars) except some close friends or relatives what I have experienced or rather things that I have been noticed while using the passenger lifts.

After sharing with my friends and relatives my experience in using the passenger lift, I was quite surprised to know from my friends and relatives that they seemed to have experienced the same kind of thing which I did. So I wonder, maybe some of us may have experienced this once or twice in our lifetime or for some may have experienced it even more, which is my case.

Anyway, here we go: My experience while using the passenger lift. For a period of my life, I noticed, especially when late in the night, while I was walking towards to lift lobby, the lift door would "automatically" opened by itself! And I have to tell you this, I did not even have to press the lift call button but the lift seemed to be smart enough to know my intention to use it.

To make thing even more spooky, sometimes the lift was already at rest position and the door was closed but the sudden opening of door by itself did not make any common sense to me. And of course, the unexpected lift door opening by itself always led my imagination to run super wild!

Sometimes to overcome my "fear", I tried to reasoning that the lift could have just installed some kind of devices that was able to detect users, something like motion sense? But deep in my heart, I knew that was impossible especially the lift door would only open by itself during late in the night and not during daytime.

There were times, when I brought my dog out for a walk late at night. As usual, the lift door would open by itself. Once inside the lift, I could see that my dog could sense some kind of presence, my dog would continuously looking around despite that there were two of us inside the lift! Or should I say that maybe there were more?

Thanks god, all my experiences with the lift door "auto" opening always ended up safe. Nothing more, phew.... After sometime, I got used to this special privilege. In fact, I was quite thanksful to whoever or whatever who had helped me to press the lift call button especially when both of my hands were carrying something.

It has been quite a while that I have not been given this special privilege. And I can't remember when was the last time that I experienced the lift door opened by itself. Somehow, I am sort of miss this special privilege.

To conclude, so long you have not done anything evil or bad, there is no reason that you should fear for anything. Think positively, maybe because you have done many good things and that's why you are given such special privilege. So next time, if you were to encounter such similar experience, do remember to say thank you. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update - Qi Men Dun Jia to understand a situation

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about using Qi Men Dun Jia to understand a situation. Here is the update on the hiring of a new maid. My friend sms-ed me yesterday afternoon to inform me that the new maid still have not arrived. And because of the long wait, he has decided to cancel the application.

I did not ask him what would be his next intention. Maybe I will ask him when I catch up with him this weekend, I will keep you readers posted.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I am reading blogs

I just happened to come across Silver Ang's blog . Quite an interesting blog, mostly about herself : - her previous career as a Stewardess and her present career as an Artist, and of course some postings about her relationships as well! So if you want to know more about her, you may want to visit her blog?

Oops in case you are wondering who is this Silver Ang? Well, she was one of the contestants in the Project Superstar (Singing) competition in 2005. Back then she was still a young gal. Now, a pretty young lady!

Anyway, what caught my attention in her posting was fengshui and fortune telling. She admitted that she is a strong believer of fengshui and bazi, and she even mentioned that she would have failed marriage if married before 27. I wonder what is her bazi like?

Okay, here is a video clip of Silver uploaded by her (of course!) to Youtube. She sang the lovely song "I'm Yours" . Click on the video below to enjoy the song!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am reading....

Lately, I have been busy with my projects. Despite my busy schedule, I still managed to find some time to read this book "The Mile Hi! Club - Memoirs of A Stewardess" by Janet Chew. In this book, the author shares her life being a Stewardess and at the same time, revealed some interesting events that took place during her 13 years stints.

I guess this is a MUST read book for those who are interested to become a flight attendant. Or if you are someone who is interested to find out more about the lifestyle of a Stewardess, then you must really catch hold of this book.

Apart from the interesting lifestyle of a Stewardess, this book also touched on the negative sides of some passengers (I hope that there are not too many of such passengers around!). To find out more, get yourself a copy of this book. Maybe from this book, we can take some cues on How to make flying a better experience for everyone.

Talking about Air Steward, I ever applied to become one, can you believe that? Is true...I really did that but that was 13 years ago! Back then, I was still young and just completed my National Service, I thought the best job to take up would be a job that allowed me to travel overseas and at the same time, I could enjoy my holidays.

I applied Flight Attendant position when they placed an advertisement in the paper. Thanks god... I even got myself shortlisted for an interview. It was a memorable experience. So I waited for the interview day to come, I was ready for it.

Guess at that point of time, I did not know about Qi Men Dun Jia if not, I would have chosen the right time and the right place to be. So was it because back then that I did not know Qi Men Dun Jia, and that could have cost me to fail my very first round? Maybe not...

Sometimes, I wonder if I were lucky enough to get myself into Flight Attendant career, what will I be now? Would I still have the chance to learn Bazi, Face reading, Fengshui, Qi Men Dun Jia and Zi Wei Dou Shu? Maybe not....

So is not a bad thing after all, as not being able to become one of them (Flight Attendants). Life still goes on, maybe with a better prospect! Anyway below are two photos of the interview letter - outcome.

The letter came after my first round of interview. I am still keeping this letter to remind myself that I ever applied Air Steward position.

The brown card stating that my application was not successful. A great disappointment but think about it now, it could be a good thing after all.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Will update soon...

I will be updating soon with more Qi Men Dun Jia charts and examples. Do stay tuned.....

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005