Friday, October 31, 2008

Fengshui audit

I have been in construction industry in the last 10 years, all these years, I have seen how projects are being carried out; constructed and built, and most importantly the type of materials used to build.

With my 10 years or so working experience and knowledge in construction, when come to fengshui audit, I feel that I have added advantage over my peers. You may wonder why?

During a fengshui audit, one of the common "problems" is to get the correct reading. There are times, the compasss reading cannot stop changing. When standing one step ahead or behind the last position, the reading will change from the previous reading. This can cause a lot of confusions, this is especially true to beginners who have just started practising fengshui or to people without engineering background.

And during such events, when compass reading keep changing, I know what are the "technical" factors to consider and I would look out for root cause of problem without compromising. I would not simply take the fengshui compass reading just for the sake of completing the fengshui audit. Therefore, I prefer to investigate and complete my "investigation" on the root cause of the compass reading changes first before I move on to complete the fengshui audit.

Thus, it is important to note that fengshui audit is not that simple, it is not just simply standing outside the main door and taking compass reading only.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


So far only 4 persons did the survey, I really hope that more people can help to do the survey. This survey is very important to me, because the overall result will give me some insights on my blogs.

So if you have 1 minute to spare, please help me to do the survey. This survey will close in 4 days' time.

Thank you.

ZWDS or Bazi?

Yesterday, I was with a group of Ming Li enthusiasts, during the gathering some people asked me questions.

A :" How long have you been learning Zi Wei Dou Shu?"

I replied : "3 years."

B : "Did you learn Bazi too?"

I answered : "Yes, I did."

C : "Which one is better?"

I explained : "So long you put your heart onto one subject, do more research and read more books on this subject. Be it ZWDS or bazi, you should be able to excel in either one."

Personally, I like both subjects. Both are very interesting subjects. In fact, I am very keen in most of metaphysics subjects.

And subjects that I have learnt in the last 8 years

1. Fengshui - Black Hat Sect, Flying Star, Ba Zhai, Xuan Kong Da Gua

2. Ming Li - Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Face Reading

3. Divination - I-ching using coins or playing cards, Qi Men Dun Jia

The above-mentioned subjects are so interesting that I spend most of my time doing research on them. And I will continue to learn and research on these subjects, reason is because everyday I will discover something new out from it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Zi Wei Dou Shu - to check your spouse's character

I like using Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) when come to very specific question, because in ZWDS there are total of 12 palaces. They are as follows:

1. Life Palace

2. Sibling Palace

3. Spouse Palace

4. Children Palace

5. Wealth Palace

6. Health Palace

7. Travel Palace

8. Friend Palace

9. Career Palace

10. Domain Palace

11. Karma Palace

12. Parents Palace

When a question asked is related to relationship, the first thing which I would look at, would be the Spouse's palace. The star inside the spouse's palace has many details for me to look out for.

Let me give you one very general example, if a spouse's palace has bad energy together with a strong star*, is possible that the spouse tend to be dominating! In spite of that, it is not necessary true that when a star has bad energy, the spouse will end up dominating. There are other explainations for different stars with bad energy.

* Please note that there are different stars in ZWDS, the character of the each star can have different implications.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Qi Men Du Jia to do forecast for investment

Lately, stock markets have been selling down. In fact, alot of good counters are far below their valuations which make them very attractive in prices.

This morning I was wondering is this the best time for investors to enter the market? I switched on my PDA to check for QMDJ chart. It was a Fu Yin 伏吟 chart, it was a sign of NO-MOVE. Ideally, one should wait and do not take any action.

The question which I asked, "Whether is this the best time for investors to enter the market?" The chart Tian Gan 天干 (Heavenly Stem) did not look good! Let me explain, the Tian Gan 天干 (Heavenly Stem) was in grave and the palace which the Tian Gan 天干 (Heavenly Stem) was in Kong Wang 空亡 (Void) , both were another indication of bad omen.

So what should one do? The chart shows is better to stay put and relax!

Things that you can do, if bazi shows signs of relationship problem

Yesterday, I wrote an article on "Can divorce be avoided?" Today, I will share with you what are things that one can do, if bazi shows sign of relationship problem.

In my research, usually bazi shows signs of relationship problem are as follows:

1. Clashed in bazi configuration, house of spouse is clashed.

2. House of spouse clash with ten year luck cycle, Da Yun 大运.

3. House of spouse has Void, Kong Wang 空亡.

4. House of spouse Fu Yin 伏吟 with Da Yun 大运 (Ten year luck cycle) , or Liu Nian 流年 (Yearly pillar). - Fu Yin denotes that pillar is a repetition.

5. Yin Yang Sha 阴阳煞. Negative and positive (bad energy) - Standard configuration.

6. Too many earth in the earthly branches (This apply for ladies' bazi only) - All earth in Earthly Branches

Above are the common pointers, which are easy to spot-on. These pointers are usually an indication of potential relationship problem. Apart from those, there are other factors which a master can look out for. Those additional factors, I will not go into details, as it will be too complicated for readers without any bazi knowledge to understand.

So what can one do if bazi has one of the above-mentioned pointers? Is separation the only way out? Not necessary true, if only both parties are willingly to learn and adopt "give and take approach".

"Give and take approach" refers to one is willingly to give more love and take whatever unreasonable demands. I know is easier to say than to be done but this is the basic fundamental which one has to cultivate in order to enjoy a blissful relationship.

Depending on how "severe" the bazi is, if a person has a clashed configuration bazi, the best solution will be adopting the "give and take approach".

If bazi clashes with ten year luck cycle (Da Yun) or yearly pillar (Liu Nian), if one is still not married but is planning to do so soon. Is better to postpone the wedding till the clash is over. Alternatively, you can consult a master to select an auspicious date to wed if wedding cannot be postpone. Oh yes, getting your house fengshui-ed may help too!

If a bazi falls in any of the above, there is another option which may sound ridiculous to you, and some of you may strongly disagree with my suggestion. The option is to cohabit instead of having your relationship recognised legally by law! For your information, personally I have witnessed one such true case, which work perfectly well for both parties!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Added few features

Just added a few new features.

Face reading column, for those who are interested to know basic face reading knowledge. This column will be updated on weekly basis.

A survey poll, I would like to gather feedback on this blog. Whether should I continue to write or should I close this blog. This survey poll will expire in a week's time.

Followers, just curious to know who are my followers in my blog.


Can divorce be avoided?

Is sad to hear someone that you know have decided to divorce. Sometimes, I wonder why is divorce the only option for them? If yes, then the next question I have in mind is, "Why would they together in the first place?" There must be some X-factors that made them to tie the knots, weren't it?

Now assuming that if both parties adopt the "give and take approach", can divorce be avoided? Or it has been heaven's will to destined one loving couple to go separate ways, that there is no way that one can avoid this calamity?

In my own humble opinion, I feel that adopting the "give and take approach" should be able to help, if only you know your bazi well. Let me quote you one example, if a bazi has clashes in the house of spouse in this ten year luck cycle, or also known as Da Yun 大运. Then one should learn to be tolerance towards his loved one. If the person did not adopt the "give and take approach", then chances of separation would be much higher.

Therefore, having bazi analysed before tying the knots is not a bad thing after all, because one can avoid unhappiness in the later part of the marriage life. In my next article, I will share with you what are the things that one can do to avoid separation if bazi shows sign of relationship problem .

Re-visit to a special place

I did not purposely choose this date, 24 Oct 2008, to re-visit this place, it just happened that the organisers had this seminar on this date and held at this place. A place which is special to me.

There are so much changes in this place as compared to the past, the present - is so much vibrant! The place is well-lit and it is full of colours and excitment! How I wish I can be back in this place again.

Just to share a little bit history of this place, just only last year 2007, this place celebrated its 50th years anniversary. Can anyone out there, guess where is this place?

Anyway, back in 1993, I was there up in one the buildings, waited for almost 3hours, took me so much guts to do something which I wanted for. A memory which I will never forget.

If you can, celebrate Halloween with a good cause!

Do you celebrate Halloween? Personally, I do not. To be honest, I did not even know the actual date, not till I did a search in the net. I have to admit that internet is really a powerful tool, just typed Halloween in the search machine and I got the answer straight from it, Halloween falls on 31st Oct.

I got a "gift" on last friday, it was a pumpkin but not a real one... It was only a soft toy. Anyway, that was the reason which made me to search for an answer on Halloween, to find out the actual date.

Visited the Bloodbank on last Friday, decided to contribute my 26th blood donation on this special day, for a good cause!
For those of you out there, if you want to celebrate Halloween with a good cause, you can visit this website for more details

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Birthday Greeting to a Dear Friend

To my dearest friend H.L. ,

If you happen to read this blog, I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday on this special day. May all good luck be with you always. And everything you wish will come true!

Best wishes from the bottom of my heart.

Time really flies, I still can remember clearly the day that we had Japanese lunch, it was great. Thank you for sharing with me your joy and sorrow. Really understand you much better. Seriously, I really hope that one of these days, I can challenge you on your favourite game.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How bazi can benefit you

Sometimes, I would tell myself, if I have knew Bazi or Zi Wei Dou Shu 12 years ago, thing may turn out differently now. If only I knew my fortune then, I would have not travelled, maybe I would not have lost that much. But too bad, I started to learn Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu only after that.

Bazi or Zi Wei Dou Shu can be used to forecast things that may happen. And in fortune-telling, one of the common questions which people tend to ask is health. Using Bazi - five elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire), can determine a person's health condition. As each element is representing different parts of human organ. For example :

Earth - Stomach, nose

Metal - Lung

Water - Kidney, Bladder, Ear

Wood - Liver, Nerves, Bone

Fire - Heart, Eye, Blood

Therefore, when a Bazi is not balance, possible health problem can be determine from such configuration. As you can see, the advantage of learning Bazi or Zi Wei Dou Shu is for you to know what is ahead. Thus, can save you a lot of unnecessary problems!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More photos...

My photos all over in the streets?

Create interesting photos using software

Have you ever thought of creating some photos to make it more interesting? Just did 2 photos using . Look at the effect of the photos, looks interesting isn't it?

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Zon Johor Bahru

Have you been to The Zon Johor Bahru? The Zon is consisted of entertainment centre, shopping centre and a hotel, which is located at South-east of Johor Bahru. The place is not very far from causeway, and all it takes is about 10 min drive from causeway.

So far, I have been to The Zon three times. Someone drove me there on my first visit there, and that was to attend a friend’s wedding and that was in Oct 2006.

The second time I was there, it was just barely a week later after my first visit. Another friend of mine invited me there, The Zon, to celebrate her promotion at Modesto’s Johor Bahru. I still can remember the date clearly as that was my first time driving my car, and without anyone, to Johor Bahru. And today happens to be the day, 20th Oct.

Time really flies! I still remember that night, the air was really bad outside and that was because of haze condition. Anyway, my friend arrived some time later, and we had a great night there. Now looking back, I really wish that I could freeze that wonderful moment.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Challenging year ahead

For the last couple of weeks, we have been hearing alot of shocking and not-so-good news. Stock markets have been plunging, companies on the verge of bankruptcy. How I wish that I hear no news. After all, no news is good news!

With so much shocking news to digest, guess everyone out there know what to expect for next year.

I would like to advise those who are born in the year ending with digit "1" or "6" and in the month of January. Next year 2009, will be a very challenging year, especially in term of work-related issue.

For example, if you are born in January 1976 or January 1971. Any year that ending with digit "1" or "6" and in the month of January.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Location of a shop, can affect business.

Yesterday, I was with few friends walking around the neighbourhood looking for a place to sit down and chit chat. While we were walking along a row of shops, one of my friends pointed to a corner shop and then he said to me," Hey this shop has vacant for a period of time, still no taker!"

I paused and look around the vicinity of the shop. In my heart, I knew that the shop has "violated" the fengshui water theory. The location of the shop has water out-flow which resulted inferior fengshui. I turned around and looked at my friend, I said." It could be due to fengshui". My friend replied," No wonder, this shop has changed so many hands before!" I was not surprised to hear his answer.

It is important to check for a shop location and fengshui before deciding to lease it. By getting a right shop, chances of achieving better business opportunity will be higher.

Just a few pointers that you may want to consider when choosing a shop location:

1. Shop that is located near to bus-stop.
2. Shop facade is not blocked by any forms of structure (e.g staircase, ramp, escalator) or any buildings, or even trees.
3. Shop is well-lit.
4. Shop is near to crowded areas

Note : Apart from fengshui, there are other factors ( such as type of business, a person's bazi and luck) to consider first before one can deciding to do a business.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One of my favourite beers

Did you know that in Australia, beers are so much cheaper than soft drinks? Yes, you are NOT hearing it wrongly. Beers are not expensive in Australia! In those days when I was in Australia, a bottle of beer would just cost A$1.15 while a bottle of 500ml softdrink could easily cost A$2.

Beers were so cheap that my housemate and I had beers during our leisure time. We even had beers during lunch!! But I have to stress that my housemate and myself were NOT alcoholic, we had beers because it was cheap and on top of that it helps to keep us warm during winter time.
Hahn Light has a unique taste which I like. Try to believe it, the good news is ; you need not have to fly to Australia to drink Hahn Light, Hahn Light can be found in Singapore's supermarkets.

Two different design labels, past and present.

Warning : If you drink, please do NOT drive. Please be considerate to other road-users. Safety comes first!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jia You Xi Shi 家有喜事

Yes, Jia You Xi Shi 家有喜事. Most of you have attended happy occassion before. So have I. Really looking forward to this big day coming.

Shuangxi 双喜 - Double Happiness usually marks a happy occassion such as wedding.

"kuai Zi, Kuai Zi Zao Sheng Gui Zi 筷子, 筷子,早生贵子." Quote from one TV drama phrase, the drama show was shown sometime early this year. Cannot remember the name of the drama, sorry. The Kuai Zi phrase sounds like quickly have baby in Chinese.

Chopstick reminds me of another language - Japanese. In Japanese, chopstick is pronouced as Hashi. However, in Japanese Hashi, it can be interpreted as chopstick or bridge. So if you hear Hashi next time, you have to understand the whole sentence first before you conclude that as chopstick.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My collection

Besides Fengshui, Ming li xue and Qi Men Dun Jia, I have another hobby that is collect Coke bottles or cans from different countries. Below are some photos of my collection. Enjoy!

From left to right : UA, Taiwan, Japan, Japan, Japan.

In Japan, I found the unique shape and size of Coke cans. I like the middle one in the above photo.

Bottles from different places.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Choose a right house

Choose a right house from the start is so important. If you buy a house that have good fengshui, things will go on smoothly for you and your family. Prosper and happiness should be in the list too!

However, if a house has an inferior fengshui, chances of problems arising will be higher. So if you are planning to buy a house soon, and you are not sure whether is that the right house. You can consider to engage a fengshui master to advise you.

The advantage of getting a fengshui master to advise is to save you from any unnecessary headache. Imagine if the house is found out to be not suitable for you and your family, in worst scenario, you may end up paying more money to correct any fengshui problems!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time flies

Time really flies! This morning while driving, I realised this coming 22 Oct will mark my 12th anniversary. Is an anniversary of me travelled to a foreign country. That was my first time to travel alone and first time taking a plane, I still could remember clearly the departing night, there I was at Changi Terminal 1 airport waiting for my flight to fly me to Melbourne.

The flight to Melbourne was rather boring, in those days, there were no in-flight entertainment system. Basically, there was nothing that I could do except looking around and checking the remaining hours to reach my destination. When the lights were dimmed, I did not sleep too. Guess I was hoping that I could reach the destination soon. The duration of the flight was approximately 7hours.
When the plane touched down safety at Melbourne airport runway, the group of students which were on the same flight as me, gave the pilot a round of applause. The act is something which I will never forget.

Anyway, my visit to Melbourne was to visit a friend who was studying in Monash University. And at the same time, to celebrate my friend's birthday.
To my friend, Tan H L, if you happen to read this blog, I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday. And up to date, I am still keeping my promise.

The train station at Caufield, opposite the train station is the shopping centre. Next to the shopping centre is Monash University.

Pathway along Monash university building.

Sunset - the building is Monash University.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Treetop walk

Have you visited the TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir? Treetop walk is a suspended bridge that span from one hill to another. Is quite high from the ground below, for those who are afraid of height may want to give a miss, unless you want to walk across the bridge with your eyes closed.

There are at least 2 routes to reach this TreeTop Walk, you can choose to start from MacRitchie main entrance or from the car park at Venus Road. The latter is a shorter route and it will take about 1hr 30min to complete the whole tour!

The last time I came here was 2 years back with my friend, Pearline.

Please read the guidelines before commence the bridge walk. Mind you, is really high!

The bridge, with narrow walkway. Just nice for one person to walk.

It is a long bridge!

There are short explantion notes on certain plants and insects.

A photo of the bridge at a different angle. Outside the bridge.

Look at the tall tree, you can imagine how high is this suspended bridge.

Coming to end of the bridge. It took me less than 5 mins to cross the bridge but took me almost 35 mins to reach this bridge from the starting point. After crossing this bridge, I have another 55mins walk to complete before I could reach the starting point.

Is a ONE way direction, there is no turning back once you have stepped into the suspended bridge. You have to cross the whole bridge and continue the rest of the journey.

This is what you see once you have completed the bridge walk. Flights of steps!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not to indulge in business if you have this star

Was reading a book on Zi Wei Dou Shu, it says," A Person whose life palace sits on Tian Ji 天机star". Is adviseable not to do any form of business. And people with such star can do better if they are in planning or analysis kind of work, which means that is better to be employed than to be self-employed.

So if you have the intention to start a business, maybe you would like to have your life chart check first?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to maintain a good relationship

Is not easy to maintain a good relationship, especially for couples who are in love and bazi shows sign of relationship problem. To build up a good relationship, both parties must understand and accept one's shortcoming.

If one party is very dominating, while the other party who does not give in. Chances are fighting and breaking off are higher than couples who could give in and take.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nowadays there are so many Fengshui seminars

Back 10 years ago, Fengshui seminars were unheard of. But now, almost every other day, you can find advertisements that Masters are holding Fengshui seminars or conducting Fengshui courses.

People who are interested to learn Fengshui are so lucky now, they can easily find masters to teach them. Unlike the olden days, it was so difficult to find one master who was willingly to part his knowledge. I remember it took me a couple of years to find a Fengshui master, I almost wanted to give up the hope of learning Fengshui. Thanks goodness, I found one and since then I got to know other masters from my Fengshui classmates. I consider myself lucky to have the chance to learn from so many great masters, and some of my masters are from different parts of the world.

So if you are interested to learn Fengshui, just keep a lookout in the paper, chances of finding one should be very easy.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

4 pillars - The Ten Heavenly Stem

In 4 pillars, there are total of ten Heavenly Stems, which are known as Jia 甲, Yi 乙,
Bing 丙, Ding丁, Wu戊, Ji己, Geng庚, Xin辛, Ren壬, Gui癸.

And in each heavenly stem, is made up of one of the following elements:

1. Earth
2. Metal
3. Water
4. Wood
5. Fire

In each element, is further break up in two component, Yang (Positive) and Yin (Negative).

So the characteristic for each heavenly stem is as follows:

Jia 甲 - Yang Wood , Yi 乙 - Yin Wood

Bing 丙 - Yang Fire, Ding丁 - Yin Fire

Wu戊 - Yang Earth, Ji己 - Yin Earth

Geng庚 - Yang Metal, Xin辛 - Yin Metal

Ren壬 - Yang Water, Gui癸 - Yin Water

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005