Monday, September 24, 2007

Using Qi Men Dun Jia to do prediction

For those who are keen to know what is Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ), here we go.

Assuming that you have something to ask. Qi Men Dun Jia uses the present time and date to form a chart. Below is how the chart looks like:

公历时间:2007-9-24 10:22:00 农历时间: 农历丁亥年(猪)八月十四 节气:2007-9-23 18:21:00
秋分下元干支:丁亥 己酉 辛酉 癸巳当日旬空:午未(年)寅卯(月)子丑(日) 午未(时)
此局为阴遁四局 直符:天芮星 直使:死门

│ 九地 │ 玄武  │ 白虎  │
│天心 丙│ 天蓬 辛│ 天任 癸│
│杜门 戊│ 景门 壬│ 死门 庚│
│九天  │     │ 六合  │
│天柱 丁│     │ 天冲 己│
│伤门 己│    乙│ 惊门 丁│
│ 直符  │腾蛇  │ 太阴  │
│禽天芮 庚│天英 壬│ 天辅 戊│
│乙生门 癸│休门 辛│ 开门 丙│

The above chart was formed this morning around 10plus when two friends called me up for some advises. I used QMDJ to predict the outcome of their questions.

When I saw the chart, it showed Fu Yin 伏吟. Usually, when a chart is Fu Yin, is better not to take any action. However, QMDJ analysis is not just based on one factor, Fu Yin chart, to come to a conclusion. It has to depend on alot of factors such as what is the question asked, is the person a host or a guest, and luck goes to whose side and etc.

Next, I checked on the time pillar heavenly stem 天干,癸, this is to understand how the situation like. It showed that heavenly stem fell in a palace which was VOID 空亡. A VOID could interpret as invalid questions asked or situation could turn out to be different from what it was planned.

Apart from that I also use another method to check on the question, that was zhi shi 直使:死门. In that chart, zhi si also fell into VOID palace. On top of that, it showed Si Men 死门, another inauspicious sign which means no good ending.

With so many inauspicious hints, I replied one of my friends, not to expect any good result from that event. True enough, my friend called me up a few hours later. The person who was supposed to attend for the meeting did not turn up!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Took some photos of buildings that have unique shape.

Buildings can be classified as Wu Xing, the five elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) in metaphysics. Normally, tall buildings such as those shown in the photos above are considered as Wood element.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Joke of the day

This afternoon, my friend and I had Bak Kut Teh for lunch at one of the popular stalls, Soon Huat. This stall is very different for other Bak Kut Teh stalls, as they use good old days cooking method; charcoal to boil their soup. I have to admit that their soup base is very good. Lately, I have been patronising this stall quite often, think I start to love to eat Bak Kut Teh, minus off the meats. I only drink the soup base and eat Yu Tao.

After our lunch, my friend was driving me back to my office. His car radio was playing chinese song from radio 100.3FM, which I seldom listen to this station. After the song, the male DJ made an annoucement that their radio mobile team and a female DJ, Xiao Zhu (小猪), was distributing car decal and mooncakes at ABC market car park(Brickwood). ABC market is very near to my office, but anyway my friend and I was not interested in this car decal and mooncakes.

A moment later, the male DJ called this female DJ who was distributing the car decal at ABC market car park, the male DJ was asking her how was the crowd and blah blah blah. Then suddenly he said something that caught our attention, he mentioned pretty DJ! My friend and I looked at each other, and we laughed. We were just curious how pretty the DJ was? Anyway, I have not seen a pretty DJ before, have you? So we changed our destination to ABC market car park instead of office.

When we reached the car park, I managed to catch a glimpse of the DJ's back, could not see her face. Being curious, I told my friend to drive up next to her, so that we could have a better view of her. My friend hesitated for a moment, as he was shy!

Eventually, he did drive close to her. She was standing somewhere near to the car passenger side, so I wind down my window and asked her politely," Can I have a car decal?" She replied in a gentle tone," Sure." And she walked up to us, then she asked," Do u listen to our radio station?" I answered her instantly, "Yes, we do!" She was not convinced, she checked my friend's car radio display. Then she changed her tone and said," Hey you guys are not listening to ur radio station!" I was surpised to hear that, and I looked at radio display. Oh gosh, it was not 100.3FM, it was playing song from 88.3FM station! My friend changed the radio station while we were en route there, he did not change back to 100.3FM.

She was disappointed, when she was about to turn back and walked away. I quickly added, "I did listen to the radio station just now, someone sent a sms to radio station earlier on, the message was; You look pretty." Phew... Could see her face smile. I saved the day.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Office Fengshui

This photo was taken when I was standing right in front of the office door. About 2 metre away from the main door is the glass window. Behind the glass window, is the parapet.
A closer look on the parapet. There is a drain, which is right in front of the office main door.
The round object is the floor trap, when it rains, water exit or channelled to the main drain via this floor trap. The office fengshui may affect by this floor trap, wealth is flow out. Ideally, we do not want to see water flow away from the main door. On the right side of main door, is a beam. The corner of the beam is pointing directly to the office main door. Another minus point.
This is how the office main door look like. Left side of the door is the office main door.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Just a couple of hours ago, there were reports of tremors felt in many parts of Singapore. I remember I ever read an article from a well known fengshui master who could use bazi (4 pillars) to analyse the cause of earthquake.

So I was curious, I checked today's bazi (4 pillars) and based on the earthquake occurred time 7pm? The bazi looks like this:

Hour Pillar Day Pillar Month Pillar Year Pillar
甲 (wood) 己 (earth) 己 (earth) 丁 (fire) <--- Heavenly Stem
戊 (earth) 酉 (metal) 酉 (metal) 亥 (water) <--- Earthly Branches

4 pillars is consists of two rows, the upper row is known as Heavenly Stem, while the lower row is known as Earthly Branches.

If you were to observe today's bazi, there are 2 earth 己 elements in the heavenly stems (Day and month pillar), under these 2 earth elements are two metals 酉. These 2 metals are not friendly to each other, they clashes with each other when both metals 酉 meet. The clashes could have resulted the 2 earths which sit on metals 酉 to shake, so that is the cause of the earthquake?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Tai Sui 太岁

Have you heard of chong Tai Sui 冲太岁, clashed with Grand Duke? Do you know that every year, certain group of zodical animals will chong or fan tai sui? Take this year 2007 for example, for those who are born in the year of Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Pig are deemed to have chong or fang tai sui.

It is believed that people who chong or fan tai sui will face a year of obstacles, unless in the begining of the year, offerings have made in temple to appease Tai Sui.

Next year 2008 will be a year of rat. For those who are born in year of rat, rabbit, horse and rooster, is a year of chong or fan tai sui year.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Gerberas common name is Daisies
Bright flowers can make your days!
Flowers can be used for fengshui purposes.
Daisies remind me of a friend. I overheard my friend's conversation that they wanted to play a joke on someone, they wanted to send daisies.

Today, I went to Seletar Farm nursery, there were pots of Daisies for sale. And I got myself 2 pots of daisies. It has been quite some time since I bought flowers, the last time I bought flowers was before Lunar New Year.

When I was in Australia, I used to visit nurseries whenever I was free. I can still remember there was one small nursery in Sunnybank Shopping Centre, which was next to K-mart. I got most of my gardening stuffs there.

During my 2 years stay in Australia, I kept myself busy by taking care of my tulips, strawberries and roses. Without gardening, my sundays would be super boring! Now back in Singapore for almost 6 years, I have not done any more gardening. Too busy in my fengshui research.

In fengshui, fresh flowers can be used to improve one's romance luck 桃花运. If you are single and living with with your family. And if you want to improve your relationship with someone, you can consider placing one pot of fresh flowers in your tao hua wei 桃花位, ideally in your room. Why in the room? The reason is because every of us have different tao hua wei, if placed flowers in the living room, you may accidentially activate a married person's tao hua wei position, which may bring more problems.

To know your tao hua wei, you can refer to the chart below:

Born in the year of - Tao Hua Wei (Romance's position)

Rat, Dragon, Monkey - West

Rabbit, Goat, Pig - North

Horse, Dog, Tiger - East

Rooster, Ox, Snake - South

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Do you that Wednesday is generally a good day? Alot of corporate usually have their important meetings on Wednesdays. In fact, my last few projects' meetings were always on wednesdays.

So wednesday is always a good day huh?, you asked. Generally is Yes but with the exceptional of broken day 破日. Which is not good to buy any stuffs!

This morning while I was driving back to office, I almost wanted to detour to a nearby florist. I was thinking of getting some bamboo plants for my house, bamboo plants are good for fengshui. Before I could reach the florist, I quickly got my hand held PDA out, using the auspicious date software to check whether today is an auspicious date or not. And I found out that today is a broken day! I drove back to office immediately without stopping at florist.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

缘分 Yuan Fen (Destiny?)

I have been trying to search for a proper english word for yuan fen, but could not think of a appropriate word. Maybe you can help me?


This evening, I went to attend some awards ceremony and I happened to see an "old friend", Ng M, there. When the moment I saw her, I told myself, "She seems to have lost weight." Was it her job too stressful for her? Then I remembered that she is an Accountant with one of our local freight service providers.

Talking about Accountants and Auditors, it seems like I have this yuan fen with people who are in this profession. I know my good friend, J, through IRC about 9 years back, she works as an Accountant.

Even the first girl, Tan HL, who melted my heart 14 years ago, is an Auditor by profession, she worked in KMPG (Sin).

The last time I had a drink with a girl in Modestos Johor Bahru. Her name is Tan CL, also work as Auditor! The most interesting thing is, she also works in KMPG.

So is my destiny to meet people who are Accountants and Auditors? Or there are too many Accountants and Auditors around? Maybe you can share with me that you have the same kind of experience as I do?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Housing block that look like a well from inside

Looking up from 5th storey, the sun is bright.
Looking down from 21st storey, this place indeed looks like a well.
Another shot on how the housing look like
I went up to the highest floor, 40th floor, and I took a photo of it. Can be quite scary for those who have height-fear. Btw, the lower floors look dark, the sun ray could not cast all the way down to ground floor.
Spotted a water tank on the opposite block. A close-up on the water tank, which is directly above a unit.

Finally, I managed to visit this new housing estate that has this unique design. The block is constructed in such a way that the four corridors are connected together, a rectangular shape. If you were to look down from any of the corridors, the lower floors look like a well. See photo above.
The place looks dim on the ground floor, I wonder is it because of the 40th floor is too long (high) for the sun ray to cast down?
Anyway, it will be a nice place to live on the upper floors, can have a nice view of the surroundings. For those units that are facing the city, they will have a wonderful view of the city! If you have the intention to choose one of the units there, do avoid the highest floor - 40th floor.

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005