Monday, July 26, 2010

Sound of a Toy - Story by J Tan

Recently, I wrote Sound of a Toy and Sound of a Toy (Part 2), and after which, I received quite a number of interesting feedback from friends and readers. I even received one very constructive suggestion from one of the readers. Nickname "Professor" suggested that by removing the battery from the toy should be able to solve that problem. Well, if you have experienced similar problem, maybe you want to consider that suggestion from Professor?

Okay, recently one of my friends who read my blogs, she have this story to share. This happened 5 years ago when my friend lived in Executive flat in CCK, for those who know where is CCK. Anyway, CCK is not the main point in this story and please do not think otherwise about CCK.

The toys in one of their rooms would at times created noise by itself, similar to that incident which took place in that article "Sound of a toy". And according to my friend, the noise would happen during daytime and at times, in the middle of the night! Scary right?

So I asked my friend what did she do after hearing that noise, guess what she told me? Well, she thought it was some kind of insects could have triggered off the toys to play by itself and well... she did nothing to stop the noise! Gosh, I was speechless after hearing her explaination. Maybe being ignorant is not a bad thing after all? Imagine how would she react if she knew that it was more than insect that could have triggered that!

And that's not the end of the story. Her 1-year-old son would refuse to accept (take) the musical ball (toy) and he would protest by crying out loud! The strange part was, her son would stop crying when the musical ball was removed from his sight. After a couple of attempts, my friend found it spooky and guess you would know where the musical ball (toy) ended up to.

Talking about spooky story, here is another reported story reported on Monday Wan Bao. See photo.

The headline says," Nephew cried when stepped into the house and whole family had nightmare. House is haunted?" To find out more detail, go and get yourself a copy of that paper.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ever rising COV prices

Saw yesterday Straits Times Headline, it says,"Resale HDB flat prices hit new high". It was reported that median cash over valuation (COV) is at a record S$30,000 in the 2nd quarter.

After reading that piece of news, I wonder when will this ever rising COV will stop rising? Well, time will tell... Just wait...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

C-sect or natural birth?

For married couples who have kids, you may be familiar with the terminology of C-sect. The term C-sect is is a short form of Caesarean, which means an operation or rather a small cut on a woman's womb to allow a baby to be born.

Whenever someone asks me whether is good to opt for C-sect. Well, I would reply, "Why not?" By choosing an auspicious date or bazi for the baby, and believing that it will bring good life for the baby. I do not see any harm trying it.

But of course, not everybody would agree with me. Well, like what I always like to say, one man's meat is another man's poison. Maybe when you learn to see thing in a different preceptive, maybe then you would agree with me. Till then, good luck!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Get a job through Face Reading

This evening, Xin Min Wan Bao, reported an interesting news. It was reported in the paper that one particular airline started to hire new Stewardess through an unusual "interview" - face reading. Only applicants with good face features were able to make it through the "interview". Apparently, the "interview" must be conducted by Face reading masters.

So what is the reason behind this? Well, the airline believes that Stewardess with good face feature will ensure the flight safety! A creative way of hiring....After all, the airline is not wrong, having a good face feature means good luck too!
If you want good face feature, start to think positively! With good face feature, soon you will find good luck on your way. Good luck!

Another new launch today

There will be another new property launch today. Please do not ask me why the developer chose today to launch. But what I can tell you is that this new launch is going to be another sell-out. Why?

Simple answer, too many buyers are eager to get a piece of rooftop over their heads. And the pull factor to this new launch will be the low quantum. Price starting from S$4xxk onwards only. Guess is too attractive to resist!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another flood yesterday

Well, by now you would have probably heard or read the news that yesterday heavy downpour had flooded our tiny island again. This is third flooding within the last few weeks.

Have you wondered why there are so many floods lately? And why are we having such heavy downpour despite that now is not raining season? Well, maybe is time that we should sit down and think. Did we upset our mother natural? And now is the pay-back time?

Maybe we should start to save our earth now before it is too late. So hope that every reader here can do your part. Save our earth now!

Is Developers' market

Looking at present property market, I will say that now is Developers' market. Despite property prices have gone up so much yet it did not deter buyers from buying. And because of the strong demand, no wonder developers are smiling all the way to the bank.

Well, how long will this strong property market sustain? Time will tell.... do stay tuned in this blog to find out more.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our property prices are market driven or sentiment driven?

Recently, I witnessed a few property launches and surprisingly to know that all the launches achieved 100% sold out rate within a day! Amazing, I must say. To think that some of the new projects are located in the infamous locations, but such locations did not even deter would be home-owners from buying.

I wonder is our property prices are really market driven? Or sentiment driven? Now, assuming that our property prices are market driven, then in such case, we are talking about a pool of buyers out there are eyeing for the same property but due to limited supply, this has driven up our property prices. So fair enough. But question is this the real cause of it?

In the recent launches, I also noticed that property agents would ask buyers to give their blank cheques first. According to the agents, this was to help buyers to place a booking of their choice unit. And I have to mind you, all those buyers were giving their blank cheques without knowing the selling price!

And the reason why the prices were not out was because these so called new launches were yet to be officially launched! Thus, property agents were unable to provide an exact selling price. So in order not to miss the boat, most buyers would give their blank cheques without even a second thought, after all there is no penalty fee involved if one decided not to buy later.

In most cases, due to the overwhelming response, most of the recent launches even had balloting system. And only few lucky buyers were able to get their units. Thus, selling prices were made known on the launched date. So is the case of sentiment driven market? Well, maybe you would like to share your view here?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Diva - Why are the wrong types of men attracted to me?

I read this article Diva - Why are the wrong types of men attracted to me? from asiaone with great interest. In that article, is about a lady who keeps attracting the wrong types of men in her life.

Her story reminded me a lady, J, whom also have similar experience in the reported story in asiaone. J is a beautiful lady in her late 20s, but her past relationships had been bad. J was once a third party before and in most of her past relationships, her ex-boyfriends had been cheating on her!

A check on J's bazi (four pillars), it revealed alot of information about her. She attracts too many people in her life, which is quite true! When she goes clubbing with other prettier ladies, it seems like men would prefer to approach J than her other prettier friends! Strange but true!

And if you are wondering why J have that kind of pull factor? Well, is all in her bazi! Too many combinations in her bazi, all her heavenly stems are combined and so is her earthly branches.

In bazi analysis, when one has alot of combinations, it can have many implications. Alot of combinations in bazi means that one will get married early. But for ladies, usually when one has alot of combinations, it implies other things as well. If a lady's bazi shows that alot of male friends, and if her bazi have alot of combinations, this implies that a woman is too friendly with her male friends or she could be attracting alot of guys to her. This is known as 多官多合。

In worst case, if a lady's bazi has Tao Hua (Flower of romance) 带合桃花 in additional to the excessive combinations in bazi. This can imply that a lady is good in public relationship but please do not be too happy about this. Good in public relationship can have other implication as well.

So if you have friends who have similar experience like the lady in that article or like J. You may want to advise your friend to consult a Ming Li Shi to get her bazi read. Good luck!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fengshui first, buy later!

Buying a property (house) is a big investment for many of us. And before you buy that property, one of the factors that you may want to take into consideration is Fengshui. And before you sign on the dotted line to confirm the purchase of your dream house, you may want to read the below first.

To minimise any mistakes in purchasing your dream house especially in term of fengshui. Usually, I would advise my clients to get the house fengshui check before making the commitment to purchase that property.

The reason why I encourage my clients to get the house fengshui checked first is to ensure that property does not have any inferior fengshui environment. And, of course, the best person to advise you will be a Fengshui master! By having your house fengshui check, you can be assured that should there be any alternation required, it would be much easier.

And if you feel that getting a house first and fengshui later, and to think that masters can help you to correct any short-coming in any part of fengshui issue. Then you are taking a risk. Should the house have any inferior environment, fengshui may not be necessary able to help.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sound of a Toy (Part 2)

I know I am a bit lao-suo (long winded), but think I have missed out an important part of story in the "Sound of a Toy" posting.

But before I continue, I need to advise readers to leave this post immediately if you do not like to read anything about unusual phenomenon. Okay, now I should continue with the part 2 of Sound of a Toy.

My friend told me that at times, prior to that incident (Sound of a Toy), his daughter would point at a particular direction. My friend even added, her finger pointing was as if like she was trying to tell my friend that there was "someone" present. Well, when the moment I heard what he said...In my heart, I knew the Sound of a Toy must be really from the "unusual" visitor at his home!

Note : At this point of writing, there was no update from my friend. Maybe I will check with him the next time I meet him. Till then, I will keep you guys posted!

Cheers and have a great week ahead!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New buildings in the making

Last Sat, I went to a friend's place and saw these beautiful buildings, however they are still under construction.
Look at the shape of the buildings!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sound of a Toy

I know some of you out there are going to protest. How come a fengshui blog is not posting articles on fengshui? Yet there are so many articles on the unusual phenomenon. Am I changing trade soon or am I providing a new service? Well, maybe I would to take this opportunity to clear the air here.

In fact, there are people who feel that, or rather, think that Fengshui masters are someone whom they could approach and get help. They thought Fengshui masters are able to get rid of those "un-invited" guests in their houses. But wait...not all masters are trained to do that... At least, I am not. So next time, if someone really needs that kind of service, please seek the right person.

Okie, now I am going to write an unusual experience which happened to my friend. But before I move on to write the next article here. I want to pre-warned you, what you are going to read next is something got to do with the unnatural phenomenon. Therefore, if you think that you have a weak heart or you are someone who is dreadful of unnatural phenomenon, my advise to you is to give this blog a miss. However, if you choose to continue to read. You are reading at your own risk! Please note that I will NOT be liable for anything that may happen or arise!

This evening, a friend contacted me and shared with me his unusual experience that just happened this afternoon around 12noon. My friend lives in 5 room HDB flat, together with his wife and his young daughter. Their unit is considered big for your information.

Let me side-track a bit, this is just in case that you do not know. In Fengshui, is it better to have a "well-balanced" figure (number) of people living under the same roof. Assuming if a house is too big and the number of occupiers in the big house is just only one or two, this may lead to un-balanced Ying and Yang energy in the house. In such instance, such houses may "invite" un-invited guest to stay in the house.

Okay, back to my friend's house. This afternoon, my friend was in the living room when suddenly he heard sounds coming out from one of the rooms. But there was no one in the house except himself. Initially, my friend thought that he could have heard wrongly but the sounds continued to emit from the room.

After paying attention to the sound again, my friend realised that the sound was from his daughter's toy! Then he knew something was amiss! Without any further delay, my friend went to that room, the toy was laying on the floor - motionless and soundless. My friend quickly pleaded to the what-so-ever to leave them alone. After that, my friend quickly left for temple. As what happened later, I really do not know. My guess is everything should be alright. If not, my friend would not be able to share with me this story.

If you have strange encounter before, and if you do not mind sharing with all the readers here, please email me your story to

Thank you.

Friday, July 2, 2010

An unusual experience (Part II)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article on An unusual experience. After that posting, I have more friends coming forward to share their similar experience with me.

But before I continue, I would like to remind readers again, especially those who have weak hearts or if you are someone who always use passenger lifts (elevator) frequently late at nights, you may want to give this posting a miss. However, if you choose to continue to read, please note that you are reading it at your own risks! I will not be held responsible for anything that may arise after reading this posting.

Experience from Friend A - My friend lives on a high rise flat in the central part of Singapore, the block that he is living is still pretty new. So technically, everything including the lifts should be in working order. The only thing that I want to add is : that plot land is believed to be a cemetery before it was transformed to present young housing estate. And I remember a few years back, there was a report in our local papers that unusual sightings were spotted in one of two vacanted pointed blocks, just across the road.

My Friend A was sharing with me that he had noticed, especially during night time, when he walked towards the lift lobby, the lift door would open as if there was "someone" manning the lift door. And this special treatment would not occur when he was with other adults around. But he added that he would still get to "enjoy" this special privilege when he was with his young daughter. Strange but is true. So whether the opening of lift door got to do with the place that used to be cemetery, maybe you as a reader want to give me your comments?

Another friend of mine, J also shared her experience in using the lift. J lives in western part of Singapore. Her unit is located at mid level (not higher than 5th level) but she still uses lift to go up and down. She told me there were some occasions despite that she had pressed the call button DOWN. The lift which was she in would go up instead of going down! And that happened not once but many times!

Talking about that, I ever experienced lift would open its door at level which nobody even pressed or called for it. And to make thing worse, I was the only person inside the lift!

So if you have encountered similiar experience or you have experienced more scary episode than this, you may want to email me at

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005