Saturday, September 27, 2008

Having a big nose is not a bad thing after all

Some of you may be concern on your appearance, especially for girls who think that having a big nose is not the coolest thing in the world.

But did you know that nose represents your wealth palace in face reading? And when one has a big nose, chances of accumulating more wealth are better. This is so long that your nostril is not over-exposed, nostril hairs are not visible, no black mole on the nose and have a good big nose.

So if you think your big nose is not the coolest thing, think twice!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Of late, alot of people that I know of, are on some forms of exercise programme. Initially when I got to know some of my friends who were on exercise programme, I felt rather strange. I asked myself, "Why out of sudden people are getting health conscience?" Especially those who have never done any exercise before, start to go gym?

Keeping fit should be regard as something good but bear in mind over doing it may not be healthy. Let me share with you one incident which happened to my friend. This friend of mine, was a chubby person when I first got to know him, he used to eat alot and a happy-go-lucky person.

Due to our busy work schedule, we did not keep in touch for quite some time. Just a few month back, I had the chance to meet him again, but when I saw him, I almost could not recognise him! He was no longer chubby as what he used to be, he had become muscular. He even looked fit!

Then came the shocking news, he had stroke just a couple of weeks ago! And he is just only 33 year old! How could such a thing happened to a young and fit person? But the fact which I did not know that, my friend was on medication before he started his gym programme. After he has successful reduced his weight, he thought he could discard all his high blood pressure medication and presumed that he could live without on medication anymore. But the sad thing is his high blood pressure problem did not go away even he had shed more of his fats!

So the thing is, if you want to keep fit, please remember to start at a moderate level. Even if you think you have successful achieving your goal of keeping fit, and if you are still on medication, please consult a doctor before you stop taking your medication.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy week

Sorry for not updating again. Have been busy. And will continue to be busy for the next couple of weeks. Will try to update whenever I have something new. Stay tuned!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Using bazi to understand yourself

Bazi is consisted of 4 pillars, each pillar is further divided into two rows, the upper row is made of Heavenly Stem (Tian Gan 天干) while the lower row is consisted of Earthly Branch (Di Zhi 地支).

An example of how a set of bazi looks like, will be as follows :

戊 庚
qJi Jia Wu Geng (Tian Gan 天干)
丑 子 寅 午
Chou Ziq Yin Wu (Di Zhi 地支)

Time Day Month Year

Bazi is read from right to left, the first pillar (on the right) is known as the Year Pillar 庚午 Geng Wu. The second pillar is known as Month Pillar 戊寅 Wu Yin. Third pillar is known as Day Pillar 甲子 Jia Zi, in this Day Pillar, the Heavenly Stem is also known as Day Master 甲 Jia. The last pillar is known as the Time Pillar 己丑 Ji Chou.

To form a set of bazi, you need a person's date of birth and time. In addition to that you also need to refer to the Wan Nian Li 万年历(Thousand Years Calender) in order to form the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch. There is another option, which you can use computer softwares to compute a set of bazi without referring to Wan Nian Li (Thousand Years Calender).

In bazi, to find out which element you are belong to, all you have to do is to look at your day master in the day pillar. A person can belong to any of the five elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water. In the above example, the day master shows 甲 Jia which means that this person belongs to Wood element.

With this information, 甲 Jia Wood. A bazi master with have some insights of that person's characters and well-being! With the complete set of bazi, a bazi master is able to tell a person's luck cycle and etc. Sometimes, a good bazi master can even tell you what you did in the past by observing your bazi!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To all oyster lovers

I never liked oysters when I was much younger. I still can remember the first time I had raw oyster, it was at my Aunty's shop. She bought a pack of 1/2 dozen of fresh oysters from a supermarket at Taka. The oysters did not look appealing to me, let alone about the taste. The moment of eating fresh oysters was not something that I really enjoyed and frankly speaking I did not dare to eat fresh oysters till some time later.

It was year 2000, when I visited my friend, Andy, in Sydney. Andy being a good host, brought me to Sydney Fish market with all his buddies. There we were, ordered dozens of fresh oysters and cooked prawns. And there was not much of choice of food, so I decided to give a try again -eating fresh oyster. The first slip of oyster fresh was fantasy! Never knew that fresh oysters could be so delicious, was it because the oysters were fresh from sea which made them so delicious? Anyway, since then onwards I started to love oysters, especially fresh oysters.

Back in Singapore, whenever I had international buffet fare, the first dish that I would go for would be fresh oysters. And my record is 18 fresh oysters at one go, when my lunch companions saw the numbers of oysters I had, the quantity was good enough to make them to raise their eye brow!

Now, whenever I have the chance to eat fresh oysters, I would not miss out the chance. Okay, let me present you the fresh oysters photos which I took it not long ago at Sydney fish market. Enjoy!

Can you find cheap fresh big oysters in Singapore, such as those shown here in this photo?

One of the shops in Sydney Fish Market, this is the shop which I bought most of my oysters.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Resort at Kukup, Malaysia

Have you visited kukup? Kukup is a fishing village located at the south-west of Johor state, is about 1 hr 15min car drive from Singapore's second link (Tuas). Kukup is a quiet town, which is suitable for people who want to take a break from our busy city lifestyle.

Things that you can do in Kukup; - fishing, visit fish kelong, cycling, BBQ, karaoke, enjoy the sea breeze and many more.

So if you plan to visit kukup, you may want to consider to stay for a night over there? There are many resorts in Kukup which offer night stay with facilities, price starts from S$80 for one person based on one night stay.

Here is one resort website which you can find out more information on the Kukup resort

Last but not least, enjoy your stay!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To understand a person's character through face reading

I mentioned this phrase," Xiang You Xin Sheng" (相由心生) before in my earlier posting. Did you know that how a person thinks and how he feels can be reflected through his own looks? A face reading master can tell you, your character by the looking at your face! For example, a confident person tend to have a *higher nose bridge.

Master can even tell you your luck by looking at your face without even go through your bazi. For example, a person who just got promoted, chances are his forehead will be "glowing".

If a lady were to consult a face reading master regarding her marriage? Most likely the master would have already knew the answer by looking at her eyes, forehead, nose bridge, mouth and right temple. The tell-tale signs can be found in those areas.

If you are looking forward to improve your luck? Just remember to stay cheerful. One should not harbour any malices, and do your part to help (if possible) the needy. Good luck should be on your way!

* Kindly note that high nose bridge is a very subjective topic. How high is consider high? To confirm whether a person has a high nose bridge or not? Usually, the face reading master will look for other "hints" to confirm his findings before he comes to any conclusion.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

When thing goes wrong....

When thing does wrong, it could be due to fengshui issue. Personally I had such experiences when I did my projects in the past.

I remember there was one project which I made a special request to my client to allow me to start work on a chosen (auspicious) date. As I believe that, an auspicious date has to be select when a worksite is not suitable to have any form of renovation or construction work to be carry out. To start a work without an auspicious date, things would not go smoothly. But unfortunately, my request was turn down due to some other reasons.

When I had to start work some days later, I put into extra effort to remind my contractors not to work on certain location of the worksite. Even though I had done my part to reminded them (my contractor) not to build the partition walls on the forbidden location first. But for no apparent reason, they still went ahead to build the perimeter walls on the forbidden location. And my greatest fear came true, the built wall had to be taken down. In additional to that, there were changes to the design of the perimeter walls despite that we were had very tight schedule to complete the whole project.

There is another project which my colleague had difficulty in hand-over to client, and the cause of it was due to fengshui issue.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shan you shan bao 善有善报

You may have heard of this phrase," Shan you shan bao". It means when you do a good deed, you will have good fortune. If only you do something out of goodwill and without harbouring any other intentions.

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005