Friday, June 29, 2007

Are we compatible?

When I was young and before I was trained in Bazi (4 pillars) and Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology). I was amazed by the fact that certain chinese zodiac animals were compatible to only "designated" zodiac animals, for instance; People who are born in the year of Goat should look for partners that are born in the year of Rabbit, Goat, Pig and Horse. Parters who are born in year of Ox are deemed to be incompatible. This is known as 6 clashes in bazi year pillar 年柱六冲, you may have heard this from your parents or even from older folks.

One of the most common questions that married couples would ask me is,"Are we compatible?". Alot of times, married couples who have this 6 clashes in their bazi year pillar are worried that mishap would happen to them. Their worries are unfounded, compatibility are not gauged by using bazi year pillar only. Your day master 日柱 and your partner's day master have to be considered first and other factors are also looked into it.

Rest assured, I have seen so many happy couples who have 6 clashes in their bazi year pillars. They are still happily together.....

So if you want to know whether you and your partner are compatible or not, you still need to seek a professional Ming Li Master 命理大师.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


There are various types of fengshui luopans 罗盘; San-he pai 三合派 (3 combinations), san-yuan pai 三元派, xuan kong da gua 玄空大卦 and etc. Some masters even designed their own luopans, they combined the various school of thoughts together to form a luopan just to suit their needs.

Luopan is basically just a compass except that it has additional information which cannot be found in normal compass. Information such as 24 mountains二十四山, 64 guas 六十四卦, early heaven trigram 先天卦 and later heaven trigram 后天卦. Some luopans can house more information that are not stated here.

A compass has 360 degree, but in a luopan 360 degree is further sub-divided into 15 degree for each sector. Total there are 24 sectors which made up of the 24 mountains....

To be continued.....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Yang Zhai and Yin Zhai Fengshui 阳宅与阴宅风水

Fengshui was originated from Yin Zhai Fengshui, yin zhai refers to burial site. Having a good tombstone facing and water discharge direction, this will bring good prosperities to the future generations of the decease.

It was later, fengshui slowly migrated to yang zhai Fengshui. Yang zhai refers to your house or office. In Yang zhai fengshui, any fengshui adjustments will have "immediate" effect or result than Yin zhai fengshui. Normally, it takes about 24 hours to 6 months to see the effect of the adjustments in yang zhai fengshui, while yin zhai fengshui only happen to decease's next generation or so.

In my own view, both yang zhai and yin zhai fengshui are equally important. An inferior yin zhai fengshui can have adverse effect such as failure in future generation well-being. As for inferior yang zhai fengshui, health, relationship and wealth will be common issue.

Xuan Kong Da Gua 玄空大卦 is one of the common methods that is used for yin zhai fengshui. Xuan Kong Da Gua can be used for yang zhai fengshui as well. But most of the fengshui masters chose to use Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying stars) 玄空飞星 or Ba Zhai 八宅 for yang zhai fengshui.

When come to yang zhai fengshui, normally I would use Xuan Kong Da Gua, Flying stars and Ba Zhai together. From there, I would choose the best sectors to place stove, bedroom, TV and even to clock position.

So next time, when I indicate a clock has to place in a certain position, there a reason behind it. With that, I wish you a great week ahead.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Auspicious Date 择日

To know whether today is an auspicious date, by referring to Tong Sheng 通胜, you can get an answer from there. The basic rule for choosing auspicious date is by searching for red wordings or a day which is full of noblemen 天乙贵人,月德,天德.

Tong Sheng 通胜

Search for red chinese wordings, see the right side for example.

However, there are rules that on certain days, certain events are not supposed to be carry out. Let me quote you two examples, on hai day 亥日 is not used for wedding purpose. And on Yin day 寅日 is not used for praying ceremony.

Hai day 亥日 not used for wedding

Strictly speaking, choosing an auspicious date for an important event is not that simple. There are few methods of choosing auspicious date such as Xuan Kong Da Gua 玄空大卦, Qi Men Du Jia 奇门杜甲 just to name a few. These are 2 methods which I normally use, in additional to those basic ones.

Usually, when come to choosing an auspicious date, I would consider a few factors such as the person's bazi, the location fengshui compass reading and etc.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hot properties!

Every morning when I read the Straits Times' Money Section or sometimes I even see it on the headline, there would have reports on our local properties. Properties prices are breaking new record figures every new day. Yes, hot properties for now... Prices are just going higher and higher.

Just a couple of days ago, there was a report on our flats were commanding S$150K above valuation price. Wow...why there is sudden surge of demand for housing now? There are few possible reasons that contributed to this surge, but in this case, I will not go into further details.

What I want to share here is, using yearly heavenly stem and earthly branches, liu nian tian gan di zhi 流年天干地支 to "forecast" what would be next likely direction that our properties prices are heading. Using this year ding hai nian 丁亥年, it shows that fire ding is sitting on water pig. As we know fire and water do not mix, when water is too strong, fire will extinguish. Fire in turn will not be able to produce earth (properties in this instance).

Currently, we are still in summer season. Therefore, fire ding is still strong. Water will not be able to put off the strong fire ding. However do take note that water may become stronger during autumn and winter season. There are possibilities that properties prices may retreat for a while, if only water becomes stronger, say more rains in coming months?

But looking at year 2008 and 2009 heavenly stem and earthly branches, it looks like the craze on properties may continue till 2009.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How fengshui can affect a business

When I have to trim my hair, I would always go back to the same salon which I have been patronizing since my poly days. It has been like more than a decade, the reason why I keep going back to the salon is because I am comfortable with the place and the people there. Nothing much has changed for the last few years except business is not as glamourous as in the past.

I can still remember that in the past, the salon was always packed with customers, and the waiting time was always very long. At one point of the time, business was so good that the lady boss even opened another branch in Marina Square. But those were the days, the outlet in Marina Square is no longer there. Nowadays, I hardly have to wait for more than 15 minutes for my turn to have my hair trimmed.

There were times, I wondered why business had changed so much. Was it due to boss's luck cycle? Or fengshui in the salon has changed? But there again, nothing much has changed in the salon setup for the last few years! I could even see some of furniture fixtures were old and damaged, they were due for replacement.

I have to admit that in the past, I did not pay much attention to the salon exterior. I would always enter the salon and exit the salon in the fastest time as I could, as if there was no tomorrow. But one day, when I was walking from the car park to the salon, I saw one big tree standing right in front of the salon door, which is about less than 10 metre away from the door entrance. The answer to my doubt has finally revealed. Yes, is the big tree.

The fengshui of the salon has been affected by this big tree, the qi (energy) has been affected. In fengshui, door is the qi kou 气口. Therefore, it is important to note that a door should not have any form of obstruction in front of it. Just imagine, if there is a chopstick placed right in front of your mouth, would you be able to enjoy good food?

So if you want to enjoy good qi or good fengshui, just remember to keep the front portion of your door clean and tidy, and of course FREE from obstruction.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bad Star Energy

If you have noticed that a lot of people around you have been falling sick lately. That was because bad star energy was very "aggressive" during the lunar 4th month. This monthly bad star 2, sickness star fell into North-east sector, which coincidentially met annual star 5, another bad star.

In fengshui flying star theory, it says that when star 2 and star 5 are together, this will result illness. So that's explain why we have so many people fell sick during the last few weeks. Apart from flu virus attack, we had another high record of dengue fever in the last couple of weeks. This is another sign of illness.

The good news is lunar 4th month has over. But the bad news is, we are going to have another 2 more rounds of illness months. Do watch out during lunar 7th month and 10th month, especially the latter.

Do drink more water. And keep yourself fit by doing more exercise.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fortune telling

Do you know that some fortune tellers could actually tell your luck without even looking at your bazi (Date of Birth and birth time)? "How did they do it?", you asked. Well, face can show the answer!

Face or forehead is more likely to be full of radiance when a person who is in good luck cycle. People who just got promoted or who are in their good luck peak, their forehead tend to glow a kind of energy Qi 气. Next time, when you have a chance to meet famous stars in person. Pay more attention to their face and forehead, you will notice that their face and forehead have one kind of radiances.

Some of you may have heard of this Chinese saying, "印堂发黑" Yin Tang Fa Hei. This mean that a person's life palace shows sign of dark clouds or black Qi, this usually denotes that a person is in bad luck cycle. Life palace is located in between two eyebrows, just above your nose bridge.

Apart from using Qi to do face reading, the colours of your face also can share alot information about you.

For examples:

When a person is in shock, his face appears to be in white or green.

When a person is in bad mood, face tends to be black.

A reddish nose shows that this person is having cold. Apart from cold, a reddish nose also means that this person may have stomach related problems.

A good Qi form at the Ming Gong 命宫

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Charity Website

If you are interested to help those needy and at the same time to have some fun, here is one event "Milkrun" (Mainly I Like Kids) to be held on 1 July 2007 at Zouk carpark, this annual event is organised by Beyond Social Services.

Beyond Social Services is a charity organization that give fund to needy children for their education. They also provide care and guidance, medical treatment and other special needs to children. For more details, please check it out @ . If you are interested in the event, please register before 17 June 2007.

Last year, I was at this event with some friends. We participated in the community run, it was a non-competitive run, 4km, it was fun. I am looking forward to this year event. Hope to see you guys there.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A story shared by an acquaintance

A couple of days ago, I met this acquaintance, let's named her as B. B who is in her mid-fiftieth, was sharing with me this story that has to do with fengshui.

This happened a few years back, B has a friend named X. X was from a well-to-do background and he had a family business. Business was doing very well, it was so good that X could invest in a landed property.

X bought a landed property in one of prime districts near the central part of the island, the house was built on a piece of land which is below the normal road surface height level. From the road, there was a slope leading downward to the house entrance. Anyway, X's family moved into this new house.

This acquaintance of mine who is not a fengshui believer, told me that X's business was heading south soon after they had moved into the new house. So this acquaintance was telling me, X's business downturn could be caused by the house fengshui.

Monday, June 4, 2007

U will feel good if you can help to do charity work.

Just advised a few clients and friends to do some charity works. Believe me, you will feel good if you can help to contribute a bit to the those needy.

It is not necessary to be alot of money, is the thought that count. So if you can help, read this Your donation will definitely help those who really need help.

I will thank you on their behalf on your contribution. Thank you once again.

Friday, June 1, 2007

House Fengshui Using Face Reading

2 year back when I just started to learn face reading, I was amazed by the fact that a person's face can tell so many things. When I got further into this subject on face reading, I realised that some masters could even using face reading to tell you, your house fengshui! Amazing, isn't it?

So how did the masters do it? Here are some of the simple ones* which may interest you;

- dark mole in the eyelids, water leakage problem at home or possible house break-in.
- (eyelids) space between the eyes and your eyebrow, it is believed that a wide eyelids mean that the person tend to live in a bigger house. While a narrow eyelids mean that the person tend to live in a smaller house.
- pimples between the 2 eyebrows, or near the eyebrows, corridor outside house main door is dirty or untidy.

* information given is for knowledge only. Face reading is a specialise skill that requires years of research and practise.

Besides using face reading to tell a person's house fengshui, it can also reflect whether a person is in good luck period or not. A person who is in good luck period would usually have a radiant forehead, or a forehead that glow!

I have seen some of my successful friends who have radiant foreheads. Apart from that, people who have just got promoted would also show some kind of shiny forehead.

So if you want to have good luck, you have to start to learn to be cheerful, do more charity works (if possible). Your look will change accordingly to how your heart feel, xiang you xin sheng 相由心生.

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005