Sunday, December 30, 2007

A mole in the hair region

It may sounds strange to you, to find a mole in the hair region. But do you know that a mole in the hair region is considered auspicious?

If a person has a mole in his hair region, most likely this person has some forms of talent. So if you find any moles in your children hair region, chances are they have yet-to-discover talents!

Health condition can be seen from face

This evening, I attended one wedding dinner at Regent Hotel. As usual, only in such occasions we get the chance to meet friends and chat.

At the reception, I saw two friends so I walked up to them to chat with them. While I was talking to them, I accidentially saw one of my friends' face, his face showed sign that his stomach was heaty. So I asked him," Are you feeling heaty lately?" He replied,"Yes." Another friend asked,"How did you know?"

I explained to them that it was his face that gave away, I saw his nose was red, so I concluded that he was having heatiness. In face reading, nose represents stomach, so when a person is having red nose, apart from running nose and pimple, the next likely problem would be a heaty stomach or suffering from constipation.

Besides that, face can be used to see other health conditions as well. Maybe next time, I will share with you more here in my blog.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is 10th Anniversary!

My friend just msn me," Is 10th anniversary." I did not get his message, so I asked him what was this 10th anniversary about? Then he replied that today marked our 10th year anniversary in JB Holiday Plaza.

Yes,that was the most "memorable" overseas trip in my entire life! I still can remember that trip quite clearly. There were 5 of us in that JB trip, and that was my first time taking train to JB.

Upon reaching there, we checked into one of the local hotels there because we wanted to stay one night in JB. We left the room quickly after we have put our belongings inside the room. We headed straight to Holiday Plaza to shop and to meet our irc friend who lived in JB.

But before we could even start our shopping spree there, we were surrounded by more than 6 strong men, they were quite big-built by my standard. They wanted to have a "talk" with us, we feared our safety so we complied to their request. They even provided an escort service for us, we were all escorted to a restaurant outside the shopping mall.

And guess what? After the 1hr talk, we came out from the restaurant and ended up "poorer". We were robbed by those big-built men! Yes, it was a day-light robbery! There was no weapon used for your information but we could not do anything much about it as we were in their terrority! Anyway that was indeed an experience for me.

So next time when you travel to JB, do cautious.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This song specially dedicated to a friend.


Watch the video clip, very touching storyline. It shows that the power of love is the greatest. And to leave and to forget someone whom you love is the most painful thing to do.

Sometimes I wonder, why not everybody has a good set of bazi that can make everybody happy? Why would there be people who would fall out from love? And there would be loving couple?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Ho ho ho...Merry Christmas... I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Master Song

Just completed my one week intensive Bazi class with Master Song, he flew from Taiwan to come here to conduct this special bazi class. Really an enrichment class for me, I have learned new methods from him.

Master Song has more than 40 years of experience in ming li xue (life charts analysis), he is well-known for his detailed bazi analysis. Apart from that, he has a seal that was reported that have helped people to cure problems. For example, a person feeling pain in his leg and could not walk properly would be able to walk properly after Master Song's seal was stamped on his leg, sounds amazing, isn't it? I have yet to witness that, but I have the seal stamps from Master Song. The seal is consisted of a bagua logo and it was blessed by a monk from Malaysia. Maybe that is the reason, why the seal could help people?

A group photo with Master Song (Seated on the left), and my shifu, Master Yang (Seated on the right)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of all?", rings a bell, isn't it? Yes, one of the childhood fairy-tale stories, but I am not writing how the story begins and how it ends here. I am going to talk about mirrors that are used in fengshui.

Before I was trained under fengshui masters, I ever read some fengshui books that stated using mirrors could help to fill up any missing corners in a house. However, when I did a research on mirrors in classic fengshui books or chinese fengshui books, I have yet to come across any chinese or classic fengshui books that stated that mirror could solve fengshui problems. But today, I met a fengshui enthusiast who shared with me her experience of using mirrors to solve a fengshui problem. I was impressed with her finding as she mentioned that mirrors contain mercury property, which could help to solve fengshui problem.

I did an internet research on how mirrors were created, in one of the websites which I found, mentioned that mirror was formed by deposited a thin layer of metallic silver onto glass. In conclusion, is the metal property in the mirrors that solve fengshui problems.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Changing jobs

Lately, I have been working on one set of bazi. I was curious why this person, let's name this person as T, would give up such a highly paid job and a high position in the previous company. And the most important thing was; that person who just got promoted not more than 12 months ago!

Life is interesting, isn't it? Got what you wanted but gave up a few months later. Anyway, back to that person. T got a job in overseas but it was a short stint in that job, T got another offer. So I was rather surprised that a person who could handle things well yet still changed jobs within such a short span of time. So what went wrong?

A check on T's bazi, found out that this year liu nian 流年 clashed with one of the T's bazi pillars, the damaged was "bad". Apart from that, the clashed bazi pillar contained yang ren 羊刃 star, this star was rebellious when clashed. In addition to the clashed pillar, it contained another important star that was travelling horse. With so many supporting "evidences" to show when a pillar clashed, is a sign of movement. So that explains why T changed jobs!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Academic Position 文昌位

Alot of times when I did fengshui audits for families, parents were eager to know which position in their houses was the academic position 文昌位. They wanted their children to do their homework and to study their examinations in that position.

And based on my experience, if a student who sat in academic position to study for his exams, his chances of passing with flying colours would be much higher than his classmates. I am a living example, back in year 2000 when I was a student in Brisbane. I studied very hard in my first year but the year end results were just credit (average), I did not even get a distinction for my hard work! I was disappointed!

In my second year there, I placed my table in a location, facing North, that was believed to be the best position to tap the academic energy. True enough, I got distinctions for most of my subjects. I was surprised to know the results, as I did not even put in alot of effort as compared to my first year. I could even surf the net and chat in ICQ till the wee hours!

So how to determine the academic position in your house? There are few methods, one of the methods is to use your bazi to work out your academic position. Another method is to see your house's flying star chart, star 1-4 which is the academic stars. These findings may require a professional fengshui master or ming li da shi to do it. But nevertheless, there is another easy method which you can adopt. Place your children in the South-east sector of the house, in Lu-shu, south-east is academic position. So if you have a room that is located in the south-east sector, make that room as study room!

Take note, if your house south-east sector is a toilet, chances of getting good grades will be lesser. If you want to do something about it, my advise is to engage a professional fengshui master to help you. With that, I will pen-off here, I wish you all the best.

Special Note : To achieve a good grade is not merely by placing your study desk in an academic position. As a student, you still have to play a part by studying hard. With the aid of fengshui, chances of obtaining good results will be much higher.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fried Fritters (Dough-stick) 油条

You may have tried Krispy Kreme Donuts that coated with different favours before. But have you tried fried fritters that are coated with different favours? Yes, fried fritters that come in different favours with different favour dips as well. Novelty idea isn't it?

So if you can't wait to try this special fried fritters, you can find them at Novena Square 2 basement.

Who says fried fritters go well with coffee or congee only? Now fried fritters can be eaten in different favours too! Green tea favour fried fritter anyone?

They have different favour dips for you to choose from. In this photo are chocolate, wasabi and mango favours.

It was a charity act

This article free lunch caught my attention, this restaurant owner was hoping to raise $100,000 for MILK (Mainly I Like Kids) organisation by providing free buffet lunch. He thought people would donate generously after the buffet charity lunch but the sad thing was, people took it for granted. There were people who just gave $2 for more than 10 dishes of buffet lunch. Can you believe that? And the owner did not even mind it, I really respect this restaurant owner.

But I really sincerely hope that if you ever come across any charity drive such as the above story, you can donate generously. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A good news.

A friend just shared with me his good news, I was happy to hear the good news from him. In my heart, I have this satisfactory feeling. I am glad that my fengshui advises have helped him to achieve his dream.

I am looking forward to hear more good news from people who have seeked my fengshui advices.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yin Zhai Fengshui 阴宅风水 article

This morning, I saw this Yin Zhai fengshui article on, if you are interested to read it, you can click on this link .

Monday, December 10, 2007

A month of weddings

First wedding invitation for the month of Dec
Second invitation
Third invitation
Fourth invitation
Fifth invitation.

Today I received another wedding invitation, is my 5th invitation in this first 2 weeks of december! I am still expecting another one wedding invitation card soon in my letterbox....

Looks like this month is really a good month to wed?! Or is everybody rushing to tie the knots before the year of rat comes? Anyone who is tying the knots, maybe would like to share with me?

Friday, December 7, 2007


Someone just asked me whether a clock could be hung and face door entrance? It is believed that clock in your house when face the door entrance, the wealth in the house would flow away.

But based on my fengshui research, I have yet to read any articles that stated it would inauspicious to place a clock in such position. Maybe you have heard such experience before? Maybe you would like to share it here.

Cold Joke...

An old man and a little gal were having dinner in a restaurant.

Little gal asked old man," Next time, can we bring popcorn (old man's pet) along?"
Old man replied," No, we can't. Pets are not allowed in non-designated restaurants." Little gal was disappointed.

After the dinner, little gal told old man this," I know a place where we can bring popcorn along!"
Old man asked," Where?"
Little gal answered," Cinema! Cos you watch movie with popcorn."
Old man almost fainted! .......

************************ Contributed by little gal *************************

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Changi T3

This afternoon I went to Changi T3 with a friend. I was there not to fengshui but to take some photos, trying to improve my photography skill. Photography has been my interest but I did not really spend so much time on it as compared to fengshui. Think my love for fengshui is something beyond words can describe.

Anyway, here are some of the photos which I took. If you have not been there yet, maybe you can drop there a visit on next weekend. T3 is huge and beautiful! See to believe. I welcome all comments on those photos. Cheers!

Go up for GST Refund? Or Money Changer? Or Sky train?

This is a real photo, looks like artist's drawing, isn't it?

T3 is indeed huge!

Tired? Have a cup of coffee first!

Giant pillars!

Beautiful Changi Control Tower

Wait for me! I am coming! Dun take off without me!Left or Right?
See stars?
Looking for target to shoot.
Another real photo
Welcome to T3

Oops! Is trolley! My love for trolley starts here....

How romantic!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Fengshui changes

Do you know that every year there will be changes in fengshui energy? And do you know that every 20 years, fengshui have a major change? Yes, fengshui changes.

In fact, fengshui changes when there is any form of work in progress in your surroundings.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Living next to a power sub-station

Yesterday I was in Masai and I happened to see some houses that were next to a power sub-station. They were close to each other!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A visit to MASAI, Johor.

I left home early this morning, was hoping that I could avoid the jam at causeway. When I reached Woodlands, I could see the long queue formed at the car lane, I guess I was a bit late. Anyway, it took me quite a while to clear the causeway.

The journey from JB to MASAI was about 30mins, MASAI is located about 36km away from JB. My purpose of visiting MASAI was to fengshui a factory-to-be.
That building is located slightly away from the town, on the left hand side of building is a big car park space. And on the right side of building is a row of residence attap houses. The factory-to-be is a huge building, the front portion of the building is consisted of 2 storey.

Lady Lucky was with me, I managed to get to know the history of this building from the landlord, he is an old man who is in his late sixties. He told me that this building was built and completed in 1992, is a period 6 building. And his first tenant was an American firm, that firm stayed there for 12 years! He changed a few tenants after that, his last tenant used that building as a soccer centre.

After I finished my conversation with the landlord, I took a few compass readings with my luopan. I used those readings to key into my PDA to form the flying star chart for this building. The chart shown double stars in front, if only the external envirnoment have what the chart wants, this is going to be promising.
The wordings "Soccer Centre" still can be seen next to the door entrance.

Taking compass reading with my luopan.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This banner which hung outside the hut caught my attention.
Yes, is Jimbaran, Bali. Fyi, this photo was not taken in Bali. How I wish I could go there to enjoy my holiday right now.

Just to share a little bit of Jimbaran, for those who have not heard of Jimbaran, this is a tourist spot in Bali. Every year, there are alot of tourists flock there to enjoy the crystal clear sea and white beaches. I guess this would be an ideal location for lovers to walk along the beach, holding hand in hand. Sounds romantic, isn't it?

Back to the hut shown in the photo above, that place is a restaurant that serves Bali, Jimbaran themed BBQ food.

Right in front of this restaurant, is a long flight of stairs. To enter into the restaurant, you have to climb up this flights of stairs. There are 2 man-made water-fall features on each side of the stairs, with water shooting out from the frog's mouth, making the water flowing away from the restaurant.

In fengshui, applying water theory. Water flow direction is very important, if water flows in the correct direction, it can bring you wealth. If you intend to place a water feature in your office or house, please consult a master to advise you on the water flow direction first.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A trip to Muar and Johor

This morning, I travelled up to Muar (Malaysia) to see some of the sites there. It was about 2hours drive from JB. That was something new for me as I have never been to Muar before.

To be frank with you, I was rather excited to go all there, to see the sites there and at the same time to experience kumpong lifestyle. The village that I visited in Muar was rather quiet, it was just like Kukup without tourists and the sea. Other than that, they look the same to me. Before my friends and I left Muar, we had our lunch there. It was a simple lunch in one of the villages' restaurants, but it was a nice meal.

While we were on the way back to Singapore, we decided to visit one of the showrooms in JB before heading back to Singapore.

This showroom has a South facing orientation, "That is good facing!", I told myself. But a closer look at their door entrance, I saw this block of walkway is tilted. Making the whole cemented walkway was sunken in front.

About 8 inch away from the glass door, was a cracked line that divided the tilted block and the rest of cement floor inside the showroom. Was this done deliberately? So that rainwater can flow down to the driveway? Or soil movement in the vicinity has caused the whole walkway to tilt?
If you were to look closer at the photo, you could see the front portion has different floor tiles as compared to the remaining tiles.

The tilted walkway made me feel that I was not balanced. Like going to roll down at anytime.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Choosing an auspicious date for Wedding

This morning, I was awakened by a series of car horns. I looked at my watch, it was just only 7.15am!

But this bridegroom and his group of brothers arrived in a few cars decided to wake the whole neighbourhood up by pressing the car horns. They had deliberately caused the noise pollutions, their intention was to alert the bride, the bridemaid and sisters of their arrival. On the other hand, they had unintentionally provided me a free morning call.

It seems like today is good date for wedding, my sister's friend also got married today. Being curious, I decided to check my PDA. Today is indeed an auspicious date to get married. However, this date is not applicable to every bride-to-be or any bridegroom-to-be. Take today's date for example, for those who are born in year of Rooster and Rat or their bazis' house of spouse contains any of zodiac animals (Rooster or Rat), it is strongly advised not to choose today to wed.

Alot of people have this misconcept that by referring to Tong Sheng, an auspicious date can just easily pick up from there. Choosing an auspicious date for wedding is that not simple, a lot of factors have to be considered.

If you are looking for an auspicious date for wedding, my advise to you is to consult an experienced master, let her / him be the best person to advise you an auspicious date.

The joy of wedding. Smiling bride and bridegroom.

A lovely gift from one of our local hotels.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Looking for interior designer?

Are you looking for interior designer to design your shop or office or even your house? You may want to consider Spacevox Design, you can check their website @ .

They have completed some of the well-known commerical projects, check it out at their website.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Will you live in this house?

A big tree in front of a big house.
The tree is right in front of the main door.

If you are given a choice to live in this house, will you choose to live in? Let's hear from you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ming Tang 明堂

In Yang Zhai fengshui 阳宅风水, you may have heard of Ming Tang 明堂。This refers to the space (ground) in front of your main door or a place's facing.

An ideal fengshui would be a big space which is clear of obstacles such as lamp post or tree, right in front of main door or facing. The photo below is an example.

If using flying stars theory, if a house's facing is suitable to face water. And if there is reservoir or swimming pool or a pond in front of the house, the occupants of the house will enjoy good fengshui.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Is it okay to live near to power sub-station?

A Unit that is located behind the power sub-station.
Quite a big power sub-station
Another unit is located on the opposite of power sub-station

Another common question which friends and clients like to ask me is," It is okay to be live near to a power sub-station?".

Fengshui aside, I personally would choose to avoid to live near such places. Reasons are as follows: I am worried that electro-magnetic flux that may generate from such sub-stations. If so, I wonder would this cause health-related problems? Maybe someone can clear my doubts?

Apart from that, living near to such places, I may face a greater risk of having safety-hazard related issues.

So if I have a choice, I would choose to avoid.

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005

Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005