Thursday, April 9, 2015

Common Fengshui mistakes

Did you know that furniture arrangement can affect fengshui? If you were to place your furniture incorrectly, you will be affected. 

Some of common mistakes are as follows:

1. Having a tall shoe rack. Shoe rack should be ideally not taller than 1/3 of your total floor-to-ceiling height. For example, the height from floor to ceiling is 3 metre, as such you should have a shoe rack that is not more than 1 metre high! 

2. Placing the shoe rack at the wrong position. Shoe rack should be placed at location where it should not affect the good fengshui energy. 

3. Placing your bed head behind the toilet wall is a taboo especially is direct behind the toilet bowl.

4. Having a bed under a round lamp should be avoided. 

5. A bed which is direct under a beam. 

6. Sleeping near to a window without having the curtains drawn. 

7. A tall fish tank, for example taller than your height.

8. Old and dirty door.

9. TV right opposite your bed.

10. Mirror next to your bed.

You may want to check the ten points above and get it correctly soon? Maybe we will be hearing the good news from you soon right after the change! 

Good luck!

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Fengshui Audit in Adelaide 2005